Hospitality Lighting Selection: A Guide to Impressive Results! May 30, 2018 – Posted in: Lighting Information, Commercial Lighting

Bedrooms are the best way to make your guests feel at home. All your hospitality will go to waste if your guests find it difficult to rest well at night or just do not feel “at home” in the guestrooms. You may not be able to help how big or small your guestroom is or where it is located in the house. But you have the chance to enhance the atmosphere in the room with proper lighting. You do not have to spend a fortune. Do away with sparse, bad and dim lighting with these smart guest room lighting tips.


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When the lighting in a guest room is done well, we may not notice it but when it isn’t, we certainly do! Do not leave lighting design and layout to engineers because you will miss the design element. Get a planner or read about it to help you define the overall appearance of lighting so that you can avoid negative impressions.


Planning is key to get your lighting right. There is a difference to standing out and looking out of place. This means to have to get clear with your concept first. If you want to use a statement lamp to give a focal point for all your guests, make you it fits the whole design concept of the guestroom. Besides being a design feature themselves, lighting fixtures usually highlight the architectural space or decorative features of a room and defines the concept.


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You should put light inside the tunnel and not just at the end! Make sure the corridor that lead to the guest room should be just as pleasantly lighted as the guest room itself. They form an important part that leads to the room. With sufficient lighting, it will add to the orientation of the guests. You should focus on using multiple types of lighting in your hospitality space.


You cannot help it that your guest room is located in the farthest corner of the house where there is very limited sunlight or a beautiful view outside the window. You can easily make up for all these with mood setting. Put different colored lighting to set different types of mood. For example if your guest wants to relax after a long day of work, install warm colored lights. For day time, give them the choice to switch to brighter lights like blue which is great for productivity.


One room should be designed to serve multiple purposes. Your guest should be able to relax, sleep, work or exercise with ease all in the same room. Give them different lighting choices. It should be bright enough for them to work with focus and also cozy enough to be able to relax and fall asleep. It is therefore vital to give sufficient light fittings. And do not forget the reading lamp. For this, you should provide a master switch.

Irrespective of what type of lighting you pick for your guest room, always make sure it is affordable but good quality. For example, LED lights or bulbs are a must for hotel lights because they will save you thousands a year on electricity and they are definitely worth the upgrade.

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