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Commercial LED Lighting

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Office Panel LED Lights

A healthy office environment plays a vital role in the working output of the employees and the overall performance by the workplace. This environment includes proper sanitation, perfect infrastructure, and most importantly, a suitable lighting system. Modern experts suggest that a healthy office environment should have a mix of natural lighting with an effortless merge of artificial lighting. And nothing beats artificial lights as much as LEDs. LEDs are not just cheap and eco-friendly, but they are beautiful and give the office a modern yet serene look, ultimately affecting the performance of the employees. Office LED panel lighting commonly comes in 2×2 feet and 2×4 feet. There panels are a great way to replace bulky old fluorescent tube fixtures that use as much as 4 times more energy!

Office Pendant Lighting

A common sight in high ceiling or warehouse office remakes, these lights are meant for taller ceilings that aren’t quite ready for high bay lights or just don’t require as much brightness. A personal favorite of Modern.Place, since the design options are endless. With the most design flexibility, many interior aficionados will re-purpose great designed downlights and use them in an office setting like seen in many New York City spaces. The typical rule for all workspace lights is to keep the color temperature above 3500k as warm light tends to affect productivity negatively. Most linear pendant lights from Modern.Place range between $120-200 each with heavy discounts to wholesale buyers.

Commercial Track Lighting

Often used in retail, restaurant and gallery spaces, these directional track LED lights are an efficient way to light a large area on a budget. Typically these lights are easy to move around and replace as each one travels directly on the track. Keep in mind that there is 3 types of tracks (L, J, and H) , and only some fixtures are made to work with all three types. We personally recommend H track has the ground wire is build into the system for maximal safety. We also recommend choosing only one style of track for all your layouts to avoid incompatibility and other issues. Most track lights can easily be replaced at a local Home Depot or Lowe’s – so don’t worry to much about having a hard time finding replacements.

Track lights are most commonly bought it warm white color temperature due to the uses they were designed for. Our commercial track lights typically run between $135-250 depending on the number of lights and the style requirements.

LED Flood Lights

An increasingly common sight on the sides of buildings and homes, LED flood lights are not only a security measure but also a great way to light a large area with bright light. The list of uses for these lights are endless, from car mechanics using 20 watt lights to construction companies using 300 watt monsters to light their projects. A 1000 watt metal halide can be replaced with just a 250-300 watt LED floodlight. For residential use, we typically recommend a 50 watt motion sensor model – you don’t want the neighbors to complain about a blinding light every time a raccoon tries to get into your trash can. Another new concept is the RGB version of this light, used for hotels and property lighting (facing the building).

Typical flood lights come in cool white temperature for a “pure white” look. Pricing for flood lights varies wildly depending on wattage and LED chip manufacturer. Our 50 watt units run around $45.50 with a 5 year warranty. Contact us for more information.

Commercial LED Flood Light

High Bay / Low Bay LED Lighting

Essentially the bread and butter of high ceiling lighting with commercial intent. They aren’t pretty but they are extremely powerful, efficient and typically very durable. These light fixtures are meant to withstand the chaos that happens in a typical warehouse operation. Not only that, but most of these fixtures are fairly waterproof and have extended lifetimes. There isn’t much style to these lights as they are meant to be the workhorse. New High Bay UFO (named after its shape) models can output as much as 170 lumens per watt making them one of the most efficient LED applications you could have. As a general rule, low bay fixtures are meant for ceilings less than 20 foot high and high bay are meant for ceilings 20-45 foot high. The shapes and designs for these types of lights are endless, so giving general pricing is pointless.

We now offer Lithonia TL Troffer Alternatives

Along with Lithonia VTL LED Troffer Alternatives

Most high and low bay light fixtures are sold in cool or daylight white – to be honest we haven’t seen a warm white used in a large application yet.

All commercial fixtures from Modern.Place come with a 5 year warranty and most fixtures come with IP65 or IP68 standards – and don’t forget up to date DLC standards.

LED Down Lights (Recessed Lighting)

Not exactly a commercial only light but these things are literally everywhere. Every boy and his grandma has gotten these installed somewhere inside their home. These lights are mostly found indoors, anywhere from hallways to conference rooms, recessed lights are possibly the hottest thing on the market right now. The most important thing to look for when purchasing is Energy Star listing and UL/ETL certification as many lights on the market don’t meet those standards. LED downlights have many styles and colors, from brushed nickel to matte black – even the diffuser can differ from milky to clear. Thankfully most residential models are fairly cost efficient.

recessed led lighting

Shop Lights & Work Lights

Shop lights are what you would put in your garage or small warehouse. They are meant for ceilings below 15 feet and typically consist of a fluorescent tube shell to hold the tube inserts in place. Thankfully this means they are easy to maintain and usually require very little investment to purchase. You can typically see this fixtures in car garages and low ceiling warehouses. They’ve gained a lot of popularity due to the ease of replacing and upgrading the fluorescent tubes to LED. Another good feature of these lights is the corded electric ends most of them come with – making installation a breeze. Fixtures range from simple designs that are essentially bend aluminum to large fixtures such as the “Big Ass Light” made here in the US.

Modern.Place sells shop fixtures only to wholesale projects and of course our 5 year commercial light warranty and DLC listing is included.

Fluorescent LED Tubes

Probably the most popular unit in commercial lighting since it’s growing popularity in since the 1960’s and still a staple of any large office building although that’s quickly changing. Fluorescent lights are at quite a big disadvantage these days as LED replacement prices have fallen and keep falling. The LED variant also has 50,000-80,000 hours of lifetime compared to 30,000 and that’s not mentioning the extreme efficiency modern LED lights have. LED based replacements also eliminate the dark spots and flickering you get from the fluorescent tubes which reduces eye strain.

LED tubes use the same socket but have a wide range of brightness and size options, so in reality you could use less tubes after an upgrade than you had before. All our LED Tubes come with a 5 year commercial warranty and DLC listings for those good old rebates.


Modern Workplace Lighting

Most new office build outs these days use a designer or architect and more work spaces are becoming extremely popular. These offices usually use modern options for lighting such as large fixtures in conference rooms and interconnected hanging lights to light their spaces. The key to this lighting is to have a designer than knows what they’re doing so the lights don’t look out of place. Modern workspace led lighting will follow the same color temperature guidelines as standard office lights and often use re-purposed residential pendants for office use. These lights are typically on the higher end of pricing when compared to panel lights but look much better.

Another trend taking off in modern offices is profile lighting, although it requires a skilled contractor to install properly.

Commercial Grade LED Strip

Many people don’t realize that there is a big difference the LED strip under you home cabinet and the ones that light the outside of Aria Las Vegas. Most consumer grade LED strips use 1-2 oz copper and cheaper LED chips since the buyer is more price conscious (copper is pretty expensive) . Our commercial grade LED strips use 3 ounce copper PCB with Nichia (Japan), CREE (South Korea), Samsung (South Korea), or Philips (Netherlands) LED chips along with IP65 or IP68 rating for waterproofing (if required). Along with that the LED driver brand also matters, so we always use Meanwell – a high quality LED brand.

All commercial light strips come with our standard 5 year commercial warranty and UL listings .

Modern Rounded Office Light


Modern Straight Office Light

Modern Slim Office Light


Modern Office LED Lighting:

LEDs, due to its popularity and amazing effect has traveled a long away and has emerged as the boss for the modern lightings, for all kinds of workplaces. So much that one cannot even count the variety of it which is currently available in the market. The first thing which makes the first option for everybody is their longevity and low energy consumption, thus reducing the overall maintenance cost at a great margin. Another fact is that these modern LEDs are glare free, thus supporting the work efficiently.

Commercial LED lamps are another modern addition in the offices. These slim and tall lamps at the corner, not only provide sufficient lighting, but also give the room an elegant and classic touch. Some of the most popular LED lighting forms are MIRA LED (a square LED structure), Lunis 2 LED (an inward bulb), or Futurel LED (illuminating light like a shower gives water). Other form includes Quadrature 2 LED, Futurel SMS, and Silica.

High Quality LED Strips:

LED strips are probably the best thing that has ever happened to modern lighting, after normal LEDs themselves. Basically, they are for those who want a glimpse of fairy lights in their office space, but in the most royal and formal way. Even though LED strips come in multiple qualities, but a high quality LED strip will not only add adorable lighting to your office, but will make it a place you would want to go to next Monday. These strips are primarily used between the steps of a staircase or the perimeter of the table. But the latest designs can also be put up to ceilings or walls. Earlier they came as a cable wire. Now these strips are also available as modern lighting rods which can certainly add charm to your office.

Industrial LED lighting:

Another sector where LEDs have proven themselves to be a blessing is the industrial sector. Often we see huge workshops with an illuminated ceiling. These ceilings are mostly made of LED lightings. They are used because of the same reason LED got so popular, longevity, low cost, and less power consumption. But also, they are too harsh to the eyes and succeed in making a healthy industrial workplace.

· LED FLOOD LIGHTS – These are cubical shape structures which are capable of illuminating a light beam which can bright up an entire regular size room, just one of them.
· HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS – They are the small disks of LEDs  and are popular for the high ceilings  such as warehouses as the illuminated light is strong enough to come all the way down. This is one of the most popular commercial led lighting products on the market, especially for warehouses.
· LED TUBE REPLACEMENTS – They are regular tube lights, but the difference is that they are LEDs. So they fulfill all the function of a LED and proves an asset in industrial lighting.

As the technology keeps on changing the lighting technology has also greatly evolved. Currently, there exist various types and kinds of lamps or lights in both local and international markets which come in various in shapes, size, function, design concept and so on. With the advent of LED’s ability to provide superior quality illumination than other traditional light sources such as fluorescent and halogen lamps, we offer various kinds of led lighting products such as modern office led lighting, high quality LED strip and Industrial led lighting.

Modern Office LED Lighting

Our modern office LED lighting products create a pleasant and functional working environment. Our office lighting products include a combination of artificial light, natural daylight, and light management systems to create optimal lighting in the office area that can be specially adapted to a light control system to optimize energy efficiency. Our lighting systems go beyond creating the perfect working environment conditions but also but also consider energy efficiency and friendliness thus saving your business from huge bills and at the same time making you green compliant. The result is that you have efficient and effective illumination coupled with minimal costs.


High quality LED strip

Our High quality LED Strip lighting comes in a broad category that includes various types of LED strip lights. The major advantage of LED strips is that they are flexible and have a flat, low shape that enables you to make cuts where needed and install them anywhere at any cut point thus making it a more adaptable lighting tool. Because of their brightness and customizability, our LED strip lights can be used for multiple applications such as under cabinets, a large conference room, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting among other areas. Moreover, they can be controlled through DMX controllers, wireless dimming systems, and wall switches. Some of our LED flex strips are also suited for special locations such as wet areas because they are waterproof. Finally, our LED Strip Lights have UL certification.


Industrial LED Lighting

We pride ourselves in high-quality and energy-efficient Industrial LED lighting products that can provide bright lighting for up to 50,000 hours. Our products are ideal for a variety of industrial applications, such as enclosure lighting, machine lighting, work cell lighting and visual inspection illumination. Our products include High Bay LED lighting, LED Flood lights, LED tube replacements, Industrial LED Retrofits, LED Canopy Lights, LED Troffer Lights and Panel Lights, LED Wall Packs Lighting among others.