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Linear LED Lighting

Modern Continuous Linear LED Lighting

Modern office interior with desks, ergonomic chairs, and communal area.

LED Office Linear Lighting With Unlimited Options

  • Standard CRI (>85) & High CRI (>95)
  • 120 Lumens Per Watt
  • UL Listed
  • High Efficiency Design – DLC Listed
  • 0-10V, DALI Dimming Available
  • 3-Color Temperature Switch Option
  • 5 Year REPLACEMENT Warranty
  • Four Mounts: Surface, Pendant, Wall and Recessed mounts
  • Short Lead Times
  • Durable, Long Lasting Aluminum Design
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Perfect For Many Applications

Our linear lights come in many mounting options making them completely versatile and applicable to many environments. 

Modern office reception area with clean design and LED lighting.
Modern office break room with colorful chairs, ample lighting, and large windows.

High Brightness & Energy Efficiency

Our drivers, LED’s and designs ensure you get the most light per watt to ensure maximal savings every month. Forget traditional fluorescent, LED is the better in every way.

Easy Installation

With so such versatile design, we make it easy install and implement our linear lights into any room.

Modern boardroom interior with cityscape view at dusk, LED lighting.
Modern art gallery interior with visitor at reception desk and abstract paintings.

Direct/Indirect Linear Lighting

Modern Look

Attract customers and impress clients with a sleek modern look.

Office 4 Feet Linear Light In Black

Performance Linkable Series

  • White, Black, Aluminum Finish
  • RGB LED + CCT Switching Available
  • 2FT, 4FT, 6FT, and 8FT Lengths
  • Seamless / Linkable Connection (Angled & Straight)
  • 0-10V, DALI Dimming
  • cUL, UL Listed (CSA Approved)
  • 120 Lumens Per Watt (High Efficiency & Brightness)
  • Philips 2835 LED Chip Inside
  • 120-347V Available Voltage
  • Surface, Wall, Recessed, and Suspended Mount


L Shape Connector 2

L-Shape Corner Connector

Cross Connector Resized

Cross Connector

T Shape Connector

T-Shape Connector

Surface Mount Kit

Surface Mount Kit

Emergency LED Battery Backup

Emergency Backup

120 degree lighting module connector

120 Degree Connector

Canopy Suspension Cable Kit

Canopy Suspension Kit

Linking bar for seamless light fixture

Linkable Support Bracket

Wall Mounting Bracket Kit

Wall Mounting Kit

Up Light Module

Upper Light Module

Recessed Mount Kit

Recessed Mount Type 1

Recessed Mount Mounting Clip

Recessed Mount Type 2

Side Mount Motion Sensor

Side Mount Motion Sensor

Motion + Daylight Sensor

Motion + Daylight Sensor

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Extra Configurations: Longer Suspension Cables, Emergency Battery Backup, Dimming, White Or Black Finish

Linear Office lighting can be the ideal option for offices with high ceiling and open layout to small home office spaces. Linear office lights work best with offices that require lighting based on their architecture like the type of ceiling. Choosing the perfect lighting for your office can create your ideal working environment with an aesthetic touch.

Options of Linear LED Lighting

The first type of lighting is that dependent on the ceilings like drop ceiling lighting, drywall ceiling lighting and open ceiling lighting. Drop ceiling lighting has metal grids hung along the ceiling with several panels in a uniform linear layout. These type of lighting is handy in illuminating a large office space.

Drywall ceiling lighting is for ceilings constructed with hard material and can be suspended or mounted on the ceiling. Open ceiling lighting on the other hand only works by suspending the lights below the ceiling structure. It is the best alternative for either direct or indirect lighting.

Application of office LED linear lighting

Linear lighting is the best way to illuminate the office with very high ceilings. The lighting designer can use pendant mounted fixtures to provide illumination without the glare. Alternatively, you and your designer can use high bay lighting if the ceiling is very high and the lighting needs to illuminate 20 or more feet downwards. You can use linear office lighting for your ceiling to provide focus to a specific area like a conference table or reception area. For that application, you would have better lighting going with recessed can lighting.

If you are looking to save on cost and want lighting for general office work, then fluorescent wrap fixtures are your perfect solution.

Is your ceiling a drywall one? If it is, then you can go with our surface mount fixture mount. They are the attractive alternative to recessed lighting and can give the same illumination as recessed lighting but with the pleasant aesthetic touch. For small offices located in old or modern office buildings with drywall ceiling, linear office lighting gives that much needed direct light for getting the job done.

Varieties of office linear lighting

Linear Lighting has a vast variety of fixtures to choose from. For very high ceilings, lights like this modern pendant light, Suspended Linear ceiling light, Modern Suspension lights or their LED Suspended module alternates can provide the lighting you require. Offices in the manufacturing industry can also use Modern Industrial Strip profiles, Linear Indirect Lights with Louver Housing, as well as suspended linear led lighting. Clients can also opt for cloud models, parabolic series lights, or cove lights for their office lighting needs. In some instances, lighting designers can also install two or more types of lights with one acting as the primary source of light and the other as the complementary source.

Linear Lighting does not have to be complex and frustrating since this type is flexible for many applications and that makes it easy to select from the variety of lights available in the market. The various lights vary in terms of range of illumination and while some open space offices may only need a few suspended lights, others may need both drop and drywall ceiling lighting (all of which this product can do).

Benefits Of Modern Office Lights

Good office light can create the perfect working conditions for both you as well as your employees by lowering vision related problems, increasing performance or just developing a “wow” factor for your clients and visitors. By making a high-definition lighting office, you can transform your company office to a designed workspace with personality and energy-saving features.

There are many varieties of lights, including direct and indirect light, wall mounted accent lights, and others to give your space the perfect look and feel. Did you know recent studies show that lamps can increase output, well-being, and effectiveness; while reducing accidents, saving energy and bettering the grade of life?