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Modern Wall Lighting

Modern Wall Lights & Contemporary Sconce Lighting

Good quality wall lighting at a reasonable price is hard to fine. We’ve started introducing modern wall sconces to our consumer end of lighting that’s fully ADA compliant and UL listed. We have a variety of finish and design options along with custom designer services for architects and interior design groups. If you’re an electrician or electrical engineer, please feel free to reach out to us for a full catalog of compliant lights for projects big and small. Wholesale wall lighting is also available with small minimums and low priced samples for hospitality and distributors.

Some modern wall sconce options we offer include dimming, CCT (color temperature) changing bulbs, remote controlled operation and a variety of brightness options. All of our lights are also available in 90+ CRI for higher color rendering.

In an ingenious method of introducing more light into a room space, creating ambiance and much needed clarity, lighting fixtures was ornately decorated on walls. By applying different combinations of wall lights and ceiling lights in home or commercial space one can switch from high levels of light to more subtle lighting effects to suit the location, time of day and desired purpose. There are many beautiful lighting styles for wall lights, that in themselves, have complex and marvelous designs that work and look well with other units.

There are four main types of of wall lighting fixtures, they are either: modern,contemporary,rustic or traditional.Among the different types of wall lighting fixtures, modern and contemporary lights have become the most popular. Modern sconces feature a sleek,linear look that blends in with many appliances. Most of the time they are simple,rather than ornate. Modern wall lights often feature polished gold or silver- colored metals.Any decorated room looking for a tint of minimalism could use one of these sconces. Contemporary wall lighting seem to surpass the other lighting fixtures when it comes to creativity and design. It features a combination of a toned-down version of traditional lighting with the ability of modern lights: to blend in with many other interior appliances,this may well be the future in wall lighting.

Lighting fixtures are often classified in three ways: task,ambient and accent.Task lighters or office lighting as the name indicates,whether it’s for reading,writing,cooking or crafting,or even doing homework are the type of lighting that helps you perform those tasks. Normally these are light sources that are close or low hanging in nature.This includes: desk lighters, swing arms and floor lamps as well as pendant and track lights.

Ambient (General lighting), one of the most common types of lighting are normally lights that provide a soft glow without glare, that is just enough for you to function properly.These lights are considered the “natural lights” in photography and cinematography.When used properly, ambient light provides a wonderful environment to relax from a overly stressful day or to have good conversation with a friend flexible.or family member. They include: recessed or track lights,chandelier and pendants.

Accent lighting most of the time, are very concentrated lights,with the purpose of highlighting a certain area,by dulling the other parts.People use accent lights to highlight artwork, bookcase displays, general collection of items and beautiful architecture. Normally,landscape lighting sconces,recessed lighters and spot lighting sconces are used to achieve this effect.

Over the years wall lighting have developed to fit every purpose and is now used more than ordinary portable lights,they are cheap and flexible, as in they can be used indoors and outdoors .They come in great designs and colors and can even stand out as great decorative pieces or complement already existing décor. Moreover, modern and contemporary wall lighting fixtures are energy efficient as they only use enough electricity to light up a selected area and can come equipped with solar equipment or be a LED light to save even more electricity, in turn more money.