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Modern LED Pendant Lighting

Modern LED Pendant Lights & Contemporary Hanging Fixtures

If you are renewing the house, apartment or an office or just moving into a new place it is always a good decision to search for some advices. Another thing is that you will definitely have to find all the right furniture. One of the main things you are always carrying a lot of, are actually chandeliers. This time you would like a modern one, best quality and that they can save electrical energy. Here you check the list of a ten wonderful LED pendant lights and chandeliers, so you can definitely find the right one or more of them for your home or working space.

Light in the kitchen always makes a trouble. Are you familiar with that? You have just picked up a new and awesome chandelier, but the light it offers is not so satisfying. Well, this chandelier on the other hand can be the right choice if you would like to avoid dark space in both places: kitchen and the dining room. A pair of them can look even more luxury and precise. Design is extravagant and can be used for more purposes, for example, it can also fit great in an office, or especially in the meeting room. The whole chandelier is made from aluminum, where each led light is covered with methacrylate lens. That looks so beautiful during the day, but especially in the evening.

This chandelier is specific with its look, advanced version of the previous one, but the difference is that this one is inspired by Heracleum. It is a beautiful plant that can be found in the field, with its big green stalk and white flowers. This is the reason why this chandelier has such a natural perfect look for a living room, but for the dining room as well. Leaves lights can be easily switched to the other side, up and down, so you can adjust the real look you want to get out of it.

Rhythm 34 Inch chandelier can be ideal for a person who would like to experiment with a lighter in a bathroom or a hall. An amazing fan look can be peculiar, but unique at the same time. Great choice for small coffee bars as well. During the summer and on the daily light, it is definitely going to leave such a nice impression because of that simple, but precise design. Frosted diffusers together with the LED lights, will bring the secretly magic inside of every person who will see this rare type of a chandelier.

Raimond Suspension chandelier will maybe on the first look remind you on a disco ball. But, trust me, there is a lot more in his magical and fancy look than just that. Brings out retro memories with his round shape and the way of his lightening it shows that 60’s or 70’s are back in you living place again. Still, do not be worried that this one is just an old prop, because it is super nice connected with todays world. Thin wires that go all around the chandelier and forming a great round still looks super modern and this why you can find it on our list. The name comes from mathematic professor Raimond, who succeed to design it in a such a cool way. Do not miss the chance to have it in your terrace and another in your living room.

Costa and Mr. Ray chandelier will spread the light all around your living room. If you are more brave, take into consideration that the light falls down in an awesome way, which means that sleeping room is an even better idea than the living room. Still, wherever you put it, you will not make a mistake. You can adjust in a way you want, because it has a twelve same arms and heads.

This is the type of chandelier that can fit in a smaller office room for meetings. Also, it looks great on your terrace or in a hall and bathroom is a cool option as well. The extreme modern look will leave you without a comment, soon all of your friends will be amazed when they see this one. It has really slim and thin LED lights that will provide you with exactly light for the space you need. During the day, will not take attention of other people, because of that ultra simply and precise design. But, when you mention that it is inspired by the ocean waves, everyone will get a confusing smile on their face. Pretty tricky.

Looks like a real ring of fire, but the only difference is that this chandelier has a led light that can totally impress almost every person. Totally made in the 21st century, mixed with some unsuccessful design from the 80s will give enough warm colour to your space. It can be used in all rooms, depends on your choice. The whole construction of a body is made from stainless steel that guarantee you a long term relationship with Nimba, by Santa and Cole chandelier.

The rainbow chandelier is an awesome choice for night bars, especially if you only chose this one. People in love with colors will use it for sleeping room, which can give you a nice and warm atmosphere which is necessary in that place. Modern pendant light has two pieces – a white one, where you can see an inner glass shade and the outer glass shade available various types of colored glass.

Slim, small structure of this chandelier breaks all the prejudices and stereotypes how the real chandelier is a big, fancy and expensive. Ideal choice for small places, or make it double in a big room. It is made from wood and two symmetrical LED bulbs that will leave casual look in your kitchen. For more serious needs, you can use it in your office with the same color of the wooden table. That looks like an amazing combination and you will not put a lot of effort in it.

Suspension light from Fabian will offer your coworking space a great lightning right above your working table. It is fancy, modern and cool. A lot of small led lights will fulfill exactly how much space do you need around you. Additionally, light on this chandelier looks like it is floating in the air.