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Save Big on Hotel LED Packages from Modern.Place

Whether you’re an a project designer, or just somebody working on a upcoming hotel project – you know how difficult it is to match every taste. This is why we make your process a breeze with fast turnaround and top of the line hospitality products.

  • Fast Turnarounds – most colors and finishes available in just 35 days so you’re never the reason a project has been delayed. 
  • Custom Designs – Bring your design to life with engineers and professionals that have experience in hospitality lighting. 
  • Affordable Pricing – Your budget is as important to us as it is to you that’s why you get massive discounts on hospitality products by buying directly from the manufacturer. Even full LED conversions are now well worth the cost.
  • Safe & Reliable  – With a standard 5 year warranty on all project & UL listed products, you can rest easy after the project is finished.

Speak to an account manager today to get exclusive deals on hospitality lighting!

We’re available 8 am – 6 pm CST Monday – Saturday. 


Speak to an account manager today to get exclusive deals on hotel lamps!

We’re available 8 am – 6 pm CST Monday – Saturday. 

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Full Fixture Packages - Guest Room - Vanity - Ceiling - Grand Lobby - Outdoor Fixtures - Hallway

We do it all! Over 2,500 SKU's in our hospitality catalog.

Hospitality Lamps & Lighting

With a vast amount of hotel and other large projects under our belt, we specialize in professional lights for all applications. Our team is can read, analyze and submit bids based on your electrical plans or needs. We even offer direct substitutes to common fixtures found in architectural schedules such as Lithonia and others. By going directly through the manufacturer (us) and letting us build a full light package, you save time and money. Most single fixtures can be quoted in 24-48 hours and full lighting packages can be quoted in 5-7 days.

Design Customization

Not only do we provide fast and professional service, we also offer complete customization of hotel light fixtures so you can truly have a unique experience for your guests. Change anything from fixture finish, brightness, emergency backup features to simple things like cord length. Custom fixtures come with 3D rendering and concept art to ensure you like that look before your sample gets delivered.

ADA Compliance

Having ADA compliance is extremely important for hotel standards, as not having it opens you to possible lawsuits and even frivolous claims. Take the worry out of you next project because we can custom make any existing fixtures into more compact and slim profiles that are guaranteed to pass ADA standards. We also have over 2,000 ADA compliant wall sconces to choose from.

Safety & Reliability

Modern.Place follows the newest standards in the industry. All of our hospitality packages come with UL listings, FCC marks, RoHS Compliance and latest efficiency requirements such as DLC and Energy Star. This makes your lighting investment sustainable for years to come and the extra DLC rebates you get from your utility company can’t hurt.

Hotel Floor & Table Lamps

Along with typical lights that go into lodging environments, we also provide interior floor and table lamps in both traditional and modern styles. Custom styles are also available for clients seeking a unique look to match the rest of their hotel rooms. All of our lights are tested for stability, reliability and longevity to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear for years on end. We offer both standard and specialized bulb sockets as well.

Types Of Lamps We Offer

  • Hotel guest room and floor lamps
  • Interior vanity and wall sconces
  • Hotel Lobby, ballroom and damp area light fixtures
  • Specialty Emergency Backup Systems
  • Central guest area and parking area illumination
  • Restaurant & Bar Designer Fixtures
  • Custom Design Lamps

Lights For Contractors

When projects are started, often times there is several people that do the selections, budgeting and make final decisions on the product selection. Our company works closely with contract professionals to work out pricing that works both for them, us, and the estimator. Simple changes in material and design (which otherwise aren’t noticeable to the end-user), can make or break the budget. Dealing with hospitality lighting requirements and architect requests can be difficult, so pass the problems onto us. We can sample and create beautiful floor, table, ceiling and table hospitality lights down to the last specification – taking the work load off your back and putting it onto ours.

modern hotel guest room

Design and Selection Solutions

Often times there is nobody to make the proper selections of lamps for a project, causing headaches, confusion, and frustation among project managers and architects. This is where Modern.Place can come in and save the day with our free design consultation services. We can build out a complete LED package with unique designs that fit any building. Everything from outdoor fixtures to interior wall sconces can be picked to not only match the finish and style of the property, but also match the other lights in the design package. We provide you with full specifications, wattage information and lumen per watt efficiency for each fixture. With our experience in past guest room and multi-residential projects, we already know the best designs for the most appealing look. Our selections will include: ceiling, pendant, wall sconce, vanity, can, downlight and other fixtures.

Modern Hospitality Upgrades & Remodels

Upgrades are not always convenient but they can have a great positive impact on your property reviews, room pricing, and overall perception of the quality and luxury of a building. Modern Place makes it easy to remodel a property in a quick and straight forward manner without losing the finer details. What do you need to get started? Estimated quantity, specifications of desired fixtures, and images. After you’ve gathered all the details, just send an email to for a quick turnaround and quotation.

Payment Program

In many cases, remodeling for your hospitality facility may be required at the least budget friendly time. Having money tied up for several months is unnecessary with Modern Place’s payment program. Preferred hotel brands (Hyatt, Hilton, etc) require only 40% deposit to start production. Other hotel brands can take advantage of 50/50 payments. Most projects require under 45 days to finish fixture production and around 30 day delivery time to the hotel location. A full list of preferred brands can be acquired from our sales department.

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