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Lighting For Architects

Specialty services for interior designers and architects

Modern Place makes choosing the right lights for the right projects as easy as possible. We work with interior designers from start to finish to ensure you get the best. Along with our 3D rendering, sampling, and tearsheets – we provide options to customize any models into new unique pieces. Below is an overview of the various options you have when working with our team.

Custom Designs

Whether your project is in planning or as little as 3 months from completion – we can offer various customization to the lighting we provide. Normal changes include color / finish, sizing, brightness, and features. We also specialize in customizing fixtures from rough artist renderings to fully working masterpieces that are a perfect way to express your taste and stand out from your competition.

How It Works

Once you submit your luminaire design, our engineers and 3D modelers figure out the rest and deliver a sample in a short timeframe. From there you tell us of any changes that might or might not be needed to make your perfect design come to life. Finally, we wait for confirmation on the order. When an order is placed, the manufacturing typically takes 25-45 days (depending on quantity) and our quality & control department personally inspects every piece to ensure you get exactly what you wanted. With every large order, we provide a 5 year warranty along with extra units so you’re never in a situation that leaves you hunting for a custom light fixture in case some lights become defective.


Contrary to popular belief, custom lighting for projects typically doesn’t exponentially higher than standard models. For example, a custom wood finish only ranges 3-5% higher in price compared to the standard models and most extra units are factored into our 5 year warranty so you’re not actually paying for them. We’ve built our company on being efficient to make an attractive offer for interior designers and architecture firms so they can meet their timelines and budgets, ultimately winning the bid. Additionally, for projects that are planned few months in advance, we have savings for sea shipments instead of air cargo.

Design Protection

Any fixtures you design and purchase from us will NEVER be used, advertised or marketed to others. All of our 3D renderings and design files will be available to you during the project and our privacy policy strictly forbids sharing of any files outside of the client relationship.

Small & Large Firms

We work with small and large designers alike. Whether you need one or one thousand fixtures, we’re happy to turn your plans into a reality. Our team is always available to help you coordinate logistics, designs, etc. On top of that all interior fixtures come with a 50,000 hour LED guarantee and 5 year warranty. Commercial lighting comes with a standard 5 year warranty.

Hospitality Experience

Some of the companies we’ve worked with in the past include Ritz Carlton, Quality Inn & Suites, Hilton, and various condominiums ranging from small to large facilities.

Featured In Publications

Our brand has been featured in ArchitectureLab, Partners & Spade, Interior Designs Magazine, and Interiors by Studio M .

Discounts On Bigger Orders

We offer large discounts to designers and architects using fixtures for their projects. Up to 50% off existing pricing!

Different finishes and configurations may cost more to produce and ship, but you’re free to mix and match fixtures for your projects from our catalogs.

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Elegant hotel lobby interior with modern lighting and luxurious decor.
Modern chandelier with looping design in a luxury hotel lobby.
Modern office reception area with clean design and LED lighting.
Modern boardroom design with black chairs and large windows.
Contemporary kitchen lighting fixtures by ModernPlace in sleek designs.