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Our phone support is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST – 7 Days A Week – Most Holidays. If you don’t get through to us, leave a message with your phone number.


Here is a list of commonly asked questions we get from our customers. You can always contact us directly via our support page.

What is your wholesale minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

For most one time orders the minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. If you are a regular dealer we offer certain items at 1 unit MOQ.

Is It Possible To Have My Own Branding On Items?

Yes! You can brand items if you order 10 pieces or more per model. Our design team can work on placing your logo and sending you samples.

What Is The Delivery TImeframe On Bigger Orders?

Orders over 20 pieces / item usually take 3-4 weeks to fully deliver to you as we do quality inspections before the item is delivered to our customers.

Do You Offer CE/UL/NRTL Certification?

All of our products are certified for the European market (CE) and the USA market (UL/METS/ETL/etc).

Do You Provide Volume Discounts?

Yes! Although we keep prices generally the same for all of our customers, big orders will have discounts/extra items provided.