How To Get Natural Light Into A Room Without Windows January 25, 2022 – Posted in: General Info, Home Lighting, Tutorials

Large windows letting natural sunlight in

At one point or another, everyone has been in a room that doesn’t have any windows. In the digital age of flat-screen TVs and computers, there is no need to let light into a space. However, there are times to bring natural lighting into a room without windows – for example, when you’re trying to create mood lighting or just trying to cut down on the power bill.

Here are some tips on how to get natural light into every room in your house without any actual windows present.

1) Use mirrors strategically

Mirror In Windowless Room

When dealing with small spaces without any available windows, use mirrors strategically near entrances or behind doors to reflect as much natural light as possible inside the room. Mirrors also help diffuse other light sources you may have in the room to provide a more natural glow throughout.

2) Hang linens for effect

Hanging sheer, white linens over furniture or objects will give the illusion that there is a large window in the room – even if there isn’t one. This can be especially effective when used behind bedside tables (especially above headboards) to produce an open feel in spaces that would otherwise seem closed off and small. Although this won’t get natural light into a room without windows, it will trick your brain into thinking there is windows there.

3) Apply reflective paint colors to walls

Different Shades Of Wall Paint

Using high-gloss paints on interior walls produces reflective light, making them appear larger than they are. Given this effect, choose pale colors (which mirrors natural light), blue (which simulates water reflections), or cream (to reflect more light).

4) Utilize indirect lighting from LED bulbs

Accent Lighting Along Wall

Indirect LED light can really help brighten a rooms walls and overall atmosphere. Some LED bulbs even have a soft glow similar to a firelight without the associated open flame. They cast a warm, yellowish hue on walls and objects to give rooms a larger appearance. Others have a wide assortment of RGB settings to give your room a perfect glow. You can learn more about indirect lighting here. Wall washers and up-lighting will have a immediate effect on the feel of the whole room but might not be an option for residential, that’s where our next recommendation comes in.

5) Use glowing furniture

LED strips installed behind TV and Furniture
RGB strips can output difference shades of white too, to give you a home style feel

Without needing to cut into the walls or take any special tools out, LED strips are a straightforward way to get some light into windowless rooms that will at least mimic natural sunlight. There are plenty of pieces of modern furniture with integrated LED lights that give off an ambient glow at night or during dark hours – including table lamps and coffee tables. These pieces look fantastic in living rooms and other spaces, as they don’t require any additional light fixtures (no ceiling-mounted lamps) and take up less visual space than standard light fixtures. Using several strategically placed lighting units can make it seem like there is indirect sunlight traveling around the room even before the sun has risen above the horizon line outside.

6) Make your own window

YouTube video

One very simple way to bring natural light into a room without windows is to create one yourself. Hang mirrors or reflective panels on the wall opposite the window you are trying to emulate (or buy them pre-made at your local home improvement store). If doing this, make sure that you line up any seams between pieces perfectly to avoid multiple reflections that will only lead to confusion. You can also purchase semi-mirrored tiles, which provide a similar effect for less money – but these tend to be more expensive per square foot of coverage.

7) Use sunlight as an accent

If all else fails, you can always decorate your room with objects and accents that reflect natural light. Examples include vases filled with fresh flowers, plants placed throughout the house, and photos taken outdoors. These accents serve as reminders of the beauty of natural light without making it seem necessary to bring sunlight inside.

8) Plant grass or plants inside

House Plants With Grow Lights

For the eco-friendly person with lots of money to spare, try installing live or artificial grass indoors. This can give off an effect similar to indirect sunlight and is especially effective when combined with reflective flooring (like marble). Just remember that this is not for everyone – it tends to be quite expensive, and many people may find the look unappealing in their homes. Also expenses will be higher due to grow lighting costs.

9) Use skylights strategically

The most expensive option available, but also one of the best, is to install skylights in your house. These are transparent panels letting in natural light from above – perfect for basements without windows or rooms on upper floors. They come in all shapes and sizes; some even sensors that automatically open during the day to encourage more light in the room even further.

10) Don’t forget about outdoor sources of natural light

Office Window With Bright Sunlight Shinning In

Natural sunlight is not just limited to indoors – why not bring some outside in? Open up your curtains, blinds, or shutters during the day so that all your windows are uncovered and working at their maximum capacity. Consider adding mirrors or reflective surfaces to other areas of the house so that additional sunlight can bounce around rooms with little access to them. If you have an attic, take advantage of this space by opening the hatch cover and installing a glass dome skylight for extra illumination. The typical home without any window can be uncomfortable and depressing, but if you follow these tips, you will quickly yourself living in a new home where you can enjoy the beauty of natural light filtering through any time during the day.

In Conclusion

Natural light is a wonderful thing – and if you don’t have any nearby windows in your home, there are plenty of ways to bring it in. Using the tips above will help you create a room that not only feels more alive and inviting but also looks fantastic in its own right. Use these techniques to transform an otherwise unlivable space into something special!