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Guest Room Lighting

Built To Order Hotel Room Lighting


Hotel Guest Room Lights

  • Competitive Pricing – We’ll price match any quotation from competitors, and offer same warranty terms. 
  • Short Lead Times
  • Custom Lighting – We can customize lighting based on your drawings and preferences.
  • Years Of Experience – We’ve worked in hospitality for major brands like Hyatt, Wyndham, and Holiday Inn.
  • Exceptional Support – Get a full quotation in quickly and get an assigned project manager that will keep you updated from start to finish.
  • 5 Year Warranty – All of our commercial lighting comes with 5 years replacement warranty – we even ship extra lights up front so you don’t have to waste time getting replacements. 

UL Certified

Our guest room lights come standard with all certifications required to pass inspection and safety standards. Even custom design fixtures will be certified before delivery.  


Sampling & Design

We have a full time 3D modeling and engineering team to help your designs come to life and help you avoid problems before they occur. In addition, you can send us your custom designs to manufacture. 

Flexible Delivery

Choose between express, air and sea shipping with our freight specialists. You’ll save thousands by planning early. We can even do split deliveries as your project moves forward so staff isn’t overwhelmed. 

Elegant hotel room interior with floral wall art, comfortable bedding, and a work desk.

Custom Features

Choose between extra USB ports, LED bulbs, different colors of shades and more. Contact our team for more information.

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We’ll help you make the right decision to light up any office or commercial space with expert advice from our engineers.

Logos of various well-known hotel brands in monochrome.
modern hotel guest room in gray with dual lamps
Elegant modern hotel room with city view, plush bedding, and sitting area.
Modern hotel room with cozy queen bed, stylish lighting, and warm curtains.
Elegant hotel room with a king-size bed, armchair, and modern amenities.
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Guest Hotel Room In Red And White

Hotel Room Lighting – Ordering Process

When ordering from Modern Place, we take the design and ordering process step by step to ensure you get exactly what you need for your project. There are many types of interior hospitality lighting to choose from. But the best time to start on purchasing lamps for a hospitality project is months in advance, guaranteeing you full samples for approval along with the best rates of freight. A typical project can save in excess of $30,000 by using sea shipping instead of air freight by simply planning ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. 

The first step in the process is to call one of our project managers and send any concepts or designs with estimated counts for the project. We typically offer quotes with freight options within 24-48 hours including sample timelines and whether special moldings will be needed. Once samples are ordered, expect between 20-30 days before you receive them. At the sample stage, any remarks or adjustments can still be made to ensure you get the exact design you need. Once samples are approved, it takes around 25-35 days for fixtures finish production and to be shipped via your desired method. We highly recommend sea shipping for larger projects since air freight varies greatly in price and requires extra packaging for goods to be delivered safely. Custom packaging is available with your logo or brand, free by request. 

Once goods are delivered, we offer full support to electricians, designers and anybody involved in the project for 5 years. Any defects or problems in the order will be replaced with new fixtures. Along with the order, we include extra fixtures to eliminate as many maintenance issues or guest damages as possible. Samples are refunded once the order is placed. 

Safety Certifications

We meet all certification required to pass any inspection anywhere in the world. Our products all have UL listed marks, RoHS Compliance, and other safety standards including testing and heat testing. Our wall sconces also come fully ADA compliant. Most of our integrated LED models also run above 110 lumens per watt, ensuring you get top of the line efficiency as well. 

Support & Services Offered

We offer phone support from 8AM to 8PM CST Monday through Saturday for all of our commercial clients, this gives you the ability to reach us at a reasonable hour anywhere in the world. For medium to large orders, we offer free 3D modeling (refunded after order) for custom and standard designs. If you’re interested in turnkey solutions, we offer pre-made room packages to save you money on design costs. 

Wholesale Lamps Quality

Because Modern.Place own’s their own manufacturing facility and has a full time quality control staff, you never have to worry about receiving poor quality lamps. We inspect components such as metal imperfections, faulty USB chargers, and so on – all before the final product gets assembled. All of our guest room lamps are covered by a five year replacement warranty as well, so in the case a hotel lamp fails, we send you a replacement. For most projects, you’ll get several extra lamps in your shipment so you or the hotel doesn’t even need to call us for spare parts or replacements – just take one our of storage.