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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Lighting For Your Home Continue reading...

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Lighting For Your Home March 25, 2017 – Posted in: Home Lighting

All of us wish to stand out. We want to be recognized among a crowd of seemingly faceless strangers. Our desire to be different also encompasses our surrounding. We want everything that we own to be just as diverse as we are. We want our homes to have their own personality too. Personalizing a given space and making it aesthetically pleasing is important. It converts a typical house into home sweet home. It breathes life…

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Do LED Lights Get Hot? Continue reading...

Do LED Lights Get Hot? September 11, 2018 – Posted in: Lighting Information

There is a lot of people who swear by LED bulbs. Customers have sung praises of LED lighting and have greatly denounced the use of halogen and incandescent lights and encourage those who haven’t to make the switch. LEDs have proven to be both budget and environment-friendly. However, like any other type of hype, a lot of misconceptions are also likely to follow. When it comes to LED its best to learn everything about the…

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LED Color Temperature Chart With Real World Examples Continue reading...

LED Color Temperature Chart With Real World Examples June 28, 2018 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Because color temperature is hard to photograph accurately (mostly due to white balance), we recommend referring the the first color temperature chart (above) for reference. Below there is some photographed samples but there might be differences in true color and the photograph.     If you haven’t seen our in-depth guide on color temperature, you can see it here.

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"Spring" Modern LED Pendant Light Fixture Continue reading...

Best Color Temperature For Office Lighting – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

I’ll get straight to the point, avoid anything below 3500 Kelvin. It’s too yellow, and there is research behind it that will dissuade you from using it. The best light temperature for offices is between 3500 Kelvin and 5500 Kelvin . Anything above 5500K is just too blue and anything below 3500K will make your employees less productive. You can check out a study about the effect of lighting on the Circadian Rhythm and why so…

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Bar with lights red light fixtures above it Continue reading...

7 New Trends In Project Lighting Design For 2018 June 1, 2018 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

You can achieve a whole load of things with the right lighting design. By positioning the lights and fixtures, you can easily manipulate the atmosphere of any space. Lighting design also differs from room to room. What works in the bedroom or the kitchen will not necessarily work in the living room. We may not notice many radical changes in the 2018 project lighting trends but there are multiple notable trends and upgrades that everyone…

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Hospitality Guest Room Lighting Selection Guide Continue reading...

Hospitality Guest Room Lighting Selection Guide May 30, 2018 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Bedrooms are the best way to make your guests feel at home. All your hospitality will go to waste if your guests find it difficult to rest well at night or just do not feel “at home” in the guestroom. You may not be able to help how big or small your guestroom is or where it is located in the house. But you have the chance to enhance the atmosphere in the room with…

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Hottest Lighting Trends For 2018 Continue reading...

Hottest Lighting Trends For 2018 January 21, 2018 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Although lighting isn't as fast paced as tech or similar products, we've seen some interesting trends "creep up" in the past year that are sure to set a precedent for the year ahead. These trends are based on inquiries from interior designers to our hospitality department, ecommerce sales through our channels, and interest gauged by online traffic. In this overview, we will focus mostly on European and North American trends. Linear Lighting In the past… Continue reading
Canopy LED Lighting Continue reading...

LED Efficiency – How It Works, Why Most Specs Lie, And What To Look For August 16, 2017 – Posted in: Lighting Information

In the lighting market these days, there is too much confusion about how LED efficiency works, what all the stats mean and if those stats match up to real life scenarios. In this article I’ll go over the stats to look for, common misleading marketing practices and how to determine the best efficiency per dollar. First we’ll start with the power source and work our way through to where the light falls. LED Driver Efficiency…

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Linear Office Lighting Continue reading...

Selecting Commercial Lighting 101 August 12, 2017 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

Choosing the right lights for commercial applications can be tough, especially for special use applications. There is several factors you want to consider before settling on the right light for your facility. Often times we see glaring mistakes when lighting calculations are done poorly – especially with upgrades and renovations that don’t involve an architect or designer. For a free light plan and advice, feel free to call or email us for suggestions. Factors To…

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Hospitality Lighting - Hotel Lights, Lamps & Fixtures Continue reading...

Hotel & Hospitality Lighting Planning Tips July 22, 2017 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

Lately we’ve dealt with a wide variety of hospitality lighting projects and encountered several points that either forced us to work quick, cost the customer more than expected or ended up delaying a project completely. I’m going to go over some planning timelines, how the process works and how to avoid shooting yourself in the foot when working on larger projects. Timelines If your planning on purchasing more than 50 fixtures from ANY manufacturer, you…

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Modern Vanity Lighting Continue reading...

Hospitality Lighting – Mistakes To Avoid June 23, 2017 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

Hotel and hospitality lighting is in a class of its own. The requirements, certifications and efficiency is held to a higher standard for larger projects and the costs associated with small mistakes are high. Avoiding these errors can save thousands of dollars on a project and even prevent lawsuits.   Wattage & Efficiency Requirements For Hotel Projects Often times, electrical engineers will plan the energy requirements along with the capacities for electrical switches and circuits.…

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Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Pete from Vancouver Washington, United States (US)
Total order for $250.00
"Halo" Modern Round Ceiling Light
"Halo" Modern Round Ceiling Light + 1 Item
Bought by Susana from NORTH MIAMI BEACH Florida, United States (US)
Total order for $423.87
"Path" Acrylic Vanity Wall Light
"Path" Acrylic Vanity Wall Light
Bought by Vitali from Antelope California, United States (US)
Total order for $169.99
"Hydra" Three-Wave Pendant Light
"Hydra" Three-Wave Pendant Light + 2 Items
Bought by Marthew from Wichita Kansas, United States (US)
Total order for $824.97
Office 4 Feet Linear Light In Black
"Seamless" 4FT Linear Office LED Pendant Light + 2 Items
Bought by Betty from Dubuque Iowa, United States (US)
Total order for $518.97


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