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Lighting For Restaurants

Premium restaurant lighting options by Modern Place

Elegant interior of a dimly lit restaurant with modern pendant lighting.
Stylish restaurant interiors with custom lighting fixtures by ModernPlace.

Beautiful Fixtures For Less

When trying to set the mood of your cafe or bar, nothing does it like the amount and color of light inside. A lot of the perceived value of a meal is also taken from the surroundings – it doesn’t matter if you’re on the 99th floor overlooking a beautiful cityscape if  you have IHOP style fluorescent bulbs beaming at your customers. ModernPlace has the unique value of offering expensive designer fixtures that you would typically pay thousands of dollars, at only a fraction of the cost. We offer not only our catalog of products but also many popular replicas from just about any designers. Our benefits include:

  • Fully Custom Restaurant Designs – Have a drawing or concept? Let us bring it to life
  • Fast Quotes – We quote projects in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Full Lighting Packages – Save extra when you hand the lighting plan over to us!
  • Dimming & Color Changing Control – Set different color temperature and mood between day and nighttime hours.
  • Wide Selections Of Traditional & Modern Lights – whether your a cutting edge new concept or a old fashioned southern place, we’ve got something for everyone.
Dining Area Pendants

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Choosing The Right Lights

Choosing the type of light for the right atmosphere can be a tough task, especially for restaurants. High end places can range from dimly lit, romantic places all the way up to high brightness chic places or anything else in between. For most cases, you’ll want a fixture that is really versatile and able to adapt to day time lunch hours and evening dinner or late night bar style look. Most places that don’t have large open windows will want dimmable, warm white light fixtures to ensure a proper fit for both times of the day. On the other hand, Cafe’s should try to be brighter and more uplifting with brighter lighting that typical restaurants. Small, colorful pendants work for high traffic cafe’s while slower area’s will do better with more rustic looking fixtures. In either case, a good idea is to look at other styles for inspiration and then let us know what styles you prefer for a custom quote.

Popular Finishes For Restaurant Lighting

New trends are constantly popping up on the market and in today’s fast paced environment we keep up with the latest colors that are perfect for many applications. First off, a coffee finish is quickly becoming a popular color among high end establishments – it’s also known as dark bronze color. For lunch bars, white and black finishes are a top choice in the last few years – clean and minimalist style fixtures. Rustic fixtures are also a center piece of many bars and restaurants with ever increasing selection of ceiling, pendant and table lamps. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Variety When Lighting For Restaurants

People love to be excited by visuals, and light fixtures are important in that sense. Try to keep the “style” the same but introduce some variety into your dinning area. Typically there is four to eight different models that will go into a typical design: Bar Pendants, Entryway/Hallway Lights, Vanity and Accent lighting. Of course it will vary from project to project but generally people will mix and match a few chandeliers or styles of lights together to make beautiful designs. Some samples of this can be seen in the images below – a good reference from some of the high end places out there.

Bar with lights red light fixtures above it
Elaborate golden trumpet chandelier in a modern hallway interior.
Cool San Francisco Fireplace Restaurant
Modern restaurant interior with creative wooden ceiling design and LET'S MEAT HERE wall art.
Modern lounge interior with geometric ceiling and city view.