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Commercial LED Strips


Modern Place LED Strip Features

  • High Grade Commercial Quality
  • Fully UL Listed
  • 5050, 3528, 2835, 3014, 5630 Strips Offered
  • 12V & 24V Options
  • High CRI – >80 (>90 Available On Request)
  • High Power Factor – ≥0.95
  • RGB and Single Color Available
  • 5 Year REPLACEMENT Warranty
  • Fast Lead Times On Large Orders
  • Premium 3oz Copper & Phillips LED Chip

Commercial LED strip lights are not only concentrated for the particular type of lightning and are considered as the most versatile form of lighting in the field of illumination. The best feature of this illuminating device is that it perfectly suits to every type of occasion and has lots of flexible utilities. The LED is best utilized in some ways as it does consume very less process by letting you implement your creativity.


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Single Colors 





Cool White

Warm White


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Since we know that “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can be transformed from one form to another” because of which the filament bulbs convert the power supplied to heat and light while the LED turn almost 95% of the power provided to it in the form of light rather than heat. If you are looking for the LED bulbs, then you have to determine your requirement. No doubt that the LED is suited to every type of application, but if you get to know your requirements then you will get the best suited illuminating device.The brightness and the performance of the LED can be determined only by determining the size and number of the Commercial LED strips. When the size is bigger, you can see that the brightness is also higher. When you need to know how the strip would perform it is essential to know the meter distance of the LEDs present in the strip.

LED strip is of various kinds and is classified by their stripes and colors. By the colors the LED are classified as:

  •   Single color
  •   Multi-Color
  •   RGB strip

By the type of the strip, it is classified as:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible

Rigid Strip: This type of strip is mostly used for domestic purposes. The strip on which the LEDs are infused cannot be extended and have a fixed size. For instance, if you are ordering a 1-meter strip, then you cannot prolong the strip beyond the length. However, you can order for the perfect density of the bulbs for a particular length of the strip. Mostly the rigid strips are preferred by the people who wish to have a standard LED aluminum profile.

Flexible Strip: the Flexible strip is often considered for different functions and parties so that it can undergo the required strain. The strip is called as flexible because it can be extended beyond its length (up to a fixed length). The density of LED (number of LED per unit of length) can be varied as per the illumination requirement. You can increase the density of the LED strip for a fixed length of the strip. The best use of the flexible strip is that when it is infused with RGB LED bulbs and is used as a decor in the parties.

If you are looking for a store to get the LED bulbs, then you can look out for it in your locality since it is readily available nowadays. If you do want to make use of the LED for residential applications, then you can even go for the suitable profiles. Make sure that you buy the LED aluminium profile from an appropriate dealer. Looking for the online stores for such patterns can help you in getting the appropriate size that fits the LED. You can directly order the LED and its detailed profile from the online store.