A Beginner’s Guide To Modern Lighting- All You Need To Know August 16, 2016 – Posted in: General Info

One of the most interesting and at the same time most frustrating facts about home décor is the fact that no single aspect has total control over the final outcome. This means that you might have the very best furniture in your living room but if something is off about the wallpaper or the rugs, then the beautiful effort was all in vain. Lighting in particular has the power to either complement your theme or throw everything completely out of balance. This is why it is such an important aspect to consider when decorating a new home or redecorating an old one. One lighting style you can never go wrong with is the modern lighting style. Also known as the contemporary lighting scheme, this style has the unique ability to blend with and complement most home décor styles. Below is all you might need to know should you ever be interested in giving your home a fresh modern twist through something as simple as lighting.

What Makes Modern Lighting Different?


In the home décor industry, there are very many lighting styles including industrial, natural, vintage and Victorian. Modern lighting is, in a lot of ways, both similar and different from some of these other classic lighting styles. However, it is the many differences that make it stand out as one of the very best and most popular lighting styles in use today.

Modern lighting can be summed up in three words; clarity, geometry and sophistication. The clarity part comes from the fact that unlike other styles including vintage and club lighting, modern lighting focuses on making the space brighter than it is. Think of it as a better version of natural lighting. The clarity makes it perfect for working spaces such as the kitchen, dining room and study areas.

The geometry part on the other hand is as a result of the characteristic shapes and designs associated with the lighting style. These include perfect circles, cubes, curves, squares and even sharp-edged polygons.

The combination of clarity and geometry gives modern lighting the sophistication it is known for making it perfect for anyone and everyone.

Tips And Tricks To Give Your Space A Touch Of Modern Lighting

Below are a few tricks and tips to help you not only pick out the right accessories for modern lighting but also to make the most of what you have for the perfect lighting effect:

Track lighting


Track lighting is the modern and more elegant version of string lights. It is perfect for hallways and large rooms offering continuous lighting with small gap shadows.

Floor lights


Now this is how to make a statement. Floor lights are the very epitome of modern lighting combining the aesthetic appeal, functionality and wow factor into one neat bundle on the floor. For the best results and least tripping incidents, have them installed along your walls facing the center of the room.

Wall sconces


This is one of the best examples of modern lighting. The sconces could in any shape you want but circles, ovals and squares are the best. They are perfect on both walls and ceilings. The best part is that you can turn them into DIY projects where all you need is bulbs, metal sheets and a great pair of scissors.

Improvise with glass and mirrors


Another trick if you are working on a tight budget is to improvise. One way to do this is by placing whole or fragmented pieces from a mirror around wall light fixtures in definite shapes. These help reflect light for clarity while at the same time providing the geometry that defines modern lighting. Using glass jars and bottles as chandeliers or lamp shades could also help you achieve the modern lighting feel with very little monetary investment.



If you are seriously into the modern and edgy look, then you can complement your modern lighting setup with a monochromatic theme. This means that the walls, furniture, cloth and whatever else you have in the particular space should be in line with the single color palate theme. This will give your room a sophisticated look and feel that no other combination ever will.

Mix and match

If you are the color-loving type of person who is pretty much virtually allergic to monochrome, do not fear. Modern lighting is still an option. You can mix and match contrasting color to get an equally edgy and sophisticated outcome. For the best result in this case, you should have one of the contrasting colors on the light fixtures, chandeliers or lamps themselves. So don’t go placing silver chandeliers in a red and orange room. Instead, have the walls red and your chandeliers orange. You won’t believe the result.

Modern Lighting Dos And Don’ts


With all the tips and tricks above, you should be well on your way to having the perfect modern lighting setup in your home. However, there are a few cardinal rules to remember. Below are five Dos and Don’ts- actually more of don’ts than dos- when dealing with modern lighting.

1. Don’t use colored bulbs – This is an entirely different realm of lighting schemes and will not work if you are going to the modern clean-cut look and feel.

2. Don’t overdo it – Modern lighting is about quality and not quantity. Finding a moderate number of powerful enough bulbs and fixtures will have a much better effect than having many low-performance bulbs.

3. Don’t go for the obvious – Modern lighting is all about making a statement that no one expects with simple yet incredibly unique pieces. So if you have to choose between a plain old cylindrical lamp shade and an outrageous one in the shape of a key, then it goes without saying that the second one would be the better choice.

4. Don’t leave out any part of the house – Modern lighting is just one of those styles that fit perfectly in every room. In addition to the aesthetic appeal you will be creating, the lighting provides sharp clarity which is perfect for working in any and every room.

5. Don’t be shy – Modern lighting is, as the name suggests, about trying something new and different. So do not shy away from unconventional designs and unusual placements. You will no doubt be pleased with the final product.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying that modern lighting is a style that is here to stay. With so much versatility and flexibility in terms of application and design, it is not difficult to see why so many home décor enthusiasts like it. The tips above should help you have some of the exciting modern lighting action regardless of the budget you are working with. The best part is that if you are the hands on type of person, you can pull of many different do-it-yourself modern lighting designs to give your home an edge with a personal touch. Just don’t be afraid to experiment and try out something bold and new. You will definitely not be disappointed.