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Premium Quality

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3 Year Warranty

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30 Day Returns

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Expert Advice

Is your bathroom in need of some upgrades? Then you’ll love this modern linear LED wall light. The fixture is designed to be mounted on the wall which makes it ideal for the above the mirror slot. Its overall feel and appeal is classy and elegant while maintaining a simple appeal to it. This design will leave you feeling like you’re in a 5 star hotel.

This modern vanity light comes in a variety of sizes geared towards meeting various users preferences and room sizes. The watts on each bulb depends on its size. It is important to point out that the light illuminated by this fixture is bright and sufficient for any space .

LED bulbs are known to provide cool or warm bright lights which facilitate functionality without being too overbearing. In addition to this, LED lights are an ideal choice for any kind of lighting within your home for various reasons. LED bulb are Eco-friendly and energy saving. They are known to use up to 50% less energy compared to traditional bulbs.

Remember when light bulbs had a permanent slot in the monthly household shopping list? Well, you no longer have to worry about changing bulbs. The LED doides used for this light fixture are guaranteed to last much longer than ordinary incandescent lights (23.5 years with typical use).

This will save you the trouble and money of frequently having to buy and change light bulbs. Some LED bulbs are known to continuously run and last up to 6 years. This translates to 6 years of never having to worry about faulty light bulbs if you never turn it off.

You have the luxury of choosing between warm white and cool white light bulbs when buying this vanity light. This depends on the theme of your bathroom and the kind of effect that you’re after. The cool white effect is an ideal choice for small living room spaces as it makes the room appear bigger than it really is and any makeup application you might be doing. On the other hand, this will also be determined by the function of the fixture. For instance, the cool white is an ideal choice if it’s to be placed over the bathroom mirror as it enables you to see color as is vs a warm tint.

In recent years, advancements have been made in the way we live our daily lives. As a result, there has been a shift toward creating things that improve not only function but also style and aesthetics. This Edge modern vanity light is a prime example of this idea, as it is designed to be functional while adding another design element to your room.

This modern, linear LED wall light will upgrade any bathroom in need of an update. It can be mounted on the side or above your mirror to create an elegant and classy feel worthy of 5 star hotels!

Genuine design

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing with its simplicity and minimalism, this modern wall light is also built to last. Unlike many products in this price range, these lights were created by a team of designers and architects who understand the look and feel they are attempting to achieve. This makes them truly unique and ensures that you get an original and genuine product.

The Edge vanity wall light was designed to provide ambient backlighting behind your mirror in order to make applying makeup easier while also adding another design element to your room. This product has a simple yet brilliant linear-shaped metal fitting that runs along the wall and out from behind your mirror.


The term “vanity” refers to the lighting fixtures typically found in bathrooms and other spaces used for getting ready or applying makeup. This particular design pays homage to this tradition but also stands alone as a simple yet stylish fixture that can fit into an array of different settings. The white glass gives off a bright appearance without harsh reflections, while the sleek casing adds dimensionality and visual interest to the piece.

The Vanity lighting from our collection of modern furniture will add a touch of elegance to your space. With lights that come in various colors, sizes, and wattages depending on what you need for any room or application, there is sure to be a fit here!

This LED bulb fixture provides bright illumination without being overbearing while using up 50% less energy compared to other options available today – making them eco-friendly as well.


LEDs are the future of lighting, with a lifespan that’s moving away from ordinary incandescent lights. Some bulbs can even work continuously without stopping-they’ll last up to six years! The cost savings alone make this innovation worth installing today.

The next time you buy a new appliance or home décor item, consider smartly investing in some LED technology, so your money goes further while also saving energy in long term costs because these little wonders contain more than 50% less power consumption when lit at full brightness


This vanity light comes in two different colors: warm white and cool. It’s important to know what kind of effect you’re going for before making your purchase because this will determine how much light is shining on the fixture itself as well as its intended purpose in a room space, which could be either decorative or functional depending on whether it should aid vision while making makeup application but also consider if there are other fixtures nearby that might compete against each other when trying not only to see color clearly but readability too!

LED Color

Warm White, Cool White


39 Inch, 47 Inch

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  1. Rebecca

    Perfect fit for our mirror. The glass looks fancy.

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Questions and answers of the customers

    Is it dimmable?
  1. Q Is it dimmable?
    A No, it is not.
  2. who is the manufacturer
  3. Q who is the manufacturer

    We are, Modern.Place.

  4. Is this dimmable?
  5. Q Is this dimmable?

    No, unfortunately it's not. 

  6. Are these lights dimmable?
  7. Q Are these lights dimmable?

    No, sorry.

  8. What is the color temp of the cool light?
  9. Q What is the color temp of the cool light?

    Approximately 5000K 

  10. Is this light dimable?
  11. Q Is this light dimable?

    No, sorry. 

  12. Can you tell me the light output in lumens for the 31" long fixture in cool white?
  13. Q Can you tell me the light output in lumens for the 31" long fixture in cool white?
    A 1,600 Lumens.
  14. How many lumens?
  15. Q How many lumens?
    A It depends on the size of the lamp.
  16. What is the color temp of the warm lamp?
  17. Q What is the color temp of the warm lamp?
    A Around 3200K
  18. Is the cross section of the light rectangular or circular?
  19. Q Is the cross section of the light rectangular or circular?
    A Rectangular.
  20. Does the base of this light have a chrome finish?
  21. Q Does the base of this light have a chrome finish?
    A It comes in a bright silver.
  22. What is your ship time?
  23. Q What is your ship time?
    A We ship next day with 1-2 week shipping timeline depending on the item and sizing.