“Edge” Vanity Wall Light



Is your bathroom in need of some upgrades? Then you’ll love this modern linear LED wall light. The fixture is designed to be mounted on the wall which makes it ideal for the above the mirror slot. Its overall feel and appeal is classy and elegant while maintaining a simple appeal to it. This design will leave you feeling like you’re in a 5 star hotel.
This modern vanity light comes in a variety of sizes geared towards meeting various users preferences and room sizes. The watts on each bulb depends on its size. It is important to point out that the light illuminated by this fixture is bright and sufficient for any space . LED bulbs are known to provide cool or warm bright lights which facilitate functionality without being too overbearing. In addition to this, LED lights are an ideal choice for any kind of lighting within your home for various reasons. LED bulb are Eco-friendly and energy saving. They are known to use up to 50% less energy compared to traditional bulbs.

Remember when light bulbs had a permanent slot in the monthly household shopping list? Well, you no longer have to worry about changing bulbs. The LED doides used for this light fixture are guaranteed to last much longer than ordinary incandescent lights (23.5 years with typical use). This will save you the trouble and money of frequently having to buy and change light bulbs. Some LED bulbs are known to continuously run and last up to 6 years. This translates to 6 years of never having to worry about faulty light bulbs if you never turn it off.
You have the luxury of choosing between warm white and cool white light bulbs when buying this vanity light. This depends on the theme of your bathroom and the kind of effect that you’re after. The cool white effect is an ideal choice for small living room spaces as it makes the room appear bigger than it really is and any makeup application you might be doing. On the other hand, this will also be determined by the function of the fixture. For instance, the cool white is an ideal choice if it’s to be placed over the bathroom mirror as it enables you to see color as is vs a warm tint.

LED Color

Warm White, Cool White


39 Inch, 47 Inch

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  1. Rebecca

    Perfect fit for our mirror. The glass looks fancy.

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