Why Do LED Lights Flicker And How To Fix January 28, 2023 – Posted in: Lighting Information, General Info, Home Lighting, Tutorials

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If you haven’t changed your traditional power hungry incandescent bulbs for LED lighting, you’re probably falling behind.

These luminaries offer endless benefits! They use less energy, are environmentally friendly, can change colors, are brighter, produce no UV emissions, are more efficient, and the list goes on.

However, even though they seem perfect, LED light fixtures have some problems like any other appliance or tool you can use nowadays. One of them is flickering. So why do LED lights flicker? While this issue isn’t as common as older halogen fixtures, these lights do flicker occasionally.

Why do LED lights flicker? Is there any way to solve it?

Reasons Why Your LED Lights Flicker

LED bulbs most often flicker for three separate reasons: loose wiring connection, voltage changes, and dimmer compatibility.

Voltage Changes

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Sometimes, the occasional flicker in your LED bulbs is caused by other appliances. When you use large, power-hungry appliances like a dishwasher, computer, or washing machine all at once, electrical loads can heavily fluctuate.

Since many of these appliances require more power when you turn them on, you may see a drop in voltage causing fluctuations and making your LED lights have a visible flicker. This is because there is reduced current reaching your light bulbs.

To fix this issue, you can try to spread out the use of your appliances. For example, if you are running a dishwasher and washing machine at the same time, try running them one after the other instead. This will help reduce the load on your electrical system and prevent flickering in your LED lamps.

You can also install a voltage regulator or surge protector to help regulate the power.

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Loose Wiring Connection

A loose wire or bulb can also cause flickering in your LEDs. These connection issues can happen in the wiring system or in the bulb socket.

LED lamps and bulbs can flicker for a variety of reasons, ranging from loose wiring to faulty bulbs. The most common cause of flickering is a loose wire or bulb. When the connection between the fixture and the bulb is not secure, it can cause the LED to flicker. This issue can happen in either the wiring system or in the bulb socket itself.

Dimmer Compatibility

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Many LED lamps also flicker when they’re dimmed. It often happens due to dimmer and fixture compatibility issues. Some fixtures are just not dimmable without a dimmable LED ballast.

Dimmers and fixtures must be synchronized and your fixture must be dimmable. If you use old models designed for traditional bulbs to install your LED lights, both components won’t work well and may cause flickering or even worse, shorten the lifetime of your LED fixture.

Also, some dimmers rely on phase cutting. These systems remove part of the sine wave before reducing the voltage. As a result, there could be a negative effect on the LED light fixtures making them flicker.

Besides voltage fluctuations, dimmer incompatibility, and loose wires, there are also other less common reasons why your LED lights may flicker, including the following:

  • Dusty or dirty sockets
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Malfunctioning electrical wiring systems
  • Loose Wires
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How Do I Stop My LED Lights From Flickering?

Are your LED lights flickering? Here are some tips that may help:

  • Check the bulb to determine what is causing the flickering
  • Carefully unscrew the bulb and clean the connection point (make sure to remove any dust)
  • For light bulbs, Screw them back in, making sure it’s tight enough.

If your LED lights continue to flicker, you can also try the following potential solutions:

  • Move large appliances that use more volts to individual circuits to reduce the electrical load
  • Upgrade your dimmer switch
  • Use other types of LED lights fixtures

If you’ve ever wondered: “Why do LED lights flicker?” and what to do to fix them, the information above can help you. However, if you’ve tried all the recommended solutions but nothing worked, calling an expert is honestly the best way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions To Fix Your Light Fixture

Is it bad for LED lights to flicker?

Yes, it is bad for LED lights to flicker. Flickering LED lights can cause eyestrain and headaches, as well as cause TV’s and monitors to turn off or jitter. Additionally, LED flicker can also create voltage problems in electrical systems as the flickering current interrupts power flow. Finally, flickering LED lamps are less efficient than steady ones and will burn out quicker. In short, flickering LED lights should be avoided whenever possible.

Is a flickering light bulb dangerous?

A flickering light bulb can indicate a potentially dangerous wiring issue with the electrical system of your home. If there is damage to the wires, this could lead to an overload or cause a fire as electricity is diverted around faulty connection points. Therefore it is best to shut off the power to the light and get a qualified electrician to identify and repair any problems before turning it on again.