Top Lighting Fixture Designs for the New Year 2017 January 27, 2017 – Posted in: Product Feature

New Year means new set of designs for your light fixtures. As change happens in fashion, the revolutions in interior design also occur.  The trends in lighting modification depend on the demand and current needs of the society.  Changing a particular lighting fixture can alter the look and feel of your home. .

The geometric shapes of the pendant lights and chandeliers in Modern.Place will definitely create a variety of mood in your home.  Some are nature-inspired and some are of contemporary styles.  No matter what design it will be, the important thing is that it will enhance and improve your home.

Chandelier Lights

Top Lighting Fixture Designs for the New Year 2017

You can never go wrong with chandeliers. They carry an elegant silhouette no matter where you place them.  The magnificence of these is definitely a must-have for current homes.  This is formed with extraordinary idea and creativity.  The Rings of Jupiter Chandelier will definitely mesmerize you with its beauty and class.

This light is perfect for Mediterranean types of homes.  It will complement a minimalist’s living room as well.  This chandelier promises to bring a cool style to your home.  It is equipped with three rings interlinked altogether for a magnificent look and grandimpression.

If you would like to make your home shine with incredible brightness, then you should definitely choose this.  The bold style of this chandelier will make your home unique. It is also considered a high-end lighting fixture.

These types are effective in giving a feeling of royalty among the people living in a particular house.  This year 2017, most of the interior designers recommend having one of these lights at home to lift the mood and ambience of your abode. It is best placed in living rooms and dining area.

They may be big in size, but they are very energy efficient.  The lights are LED so you don’t have to worry for high electric bills even if you turn it on for a couple of hours.  It also ensures a very long life that can reach up to 25 years.

Pendant Lights

Top Lighting Fixture Designs for the New Year 2017

These lights are also recommended for this year 2017 because it complements all styles and designs of houses.  They can be placed over the kitchen and the dining area as well.  One perfect example is the Modern Linear Pendant.  The design of this pendant light is perfect for modern homes.  It is very simple and futuristic in nature.  This is the reason why it is one of the most recommended lighting fixtures for the year 2017.

The ideas of the current technological innovations are seen in this pendant light.  Simplicity is one of the emerging concepts once again this new year.  One thing you will like about it is that you can install this lighting fixture in your office as well.  It will give a sense of modernity and class while providing accent brightness to your working space.

Most interior designers are suggesting this to most of the owners of ultramodern homes because it will never be out of trend.  It is also advisable to place them in areas wherein light is not that not prevalent.

LED Strip Lights

Top Lighting Fixture Designs for the New Year 2017

The LED strip lights are the best innovation in the evolution of modern lighting fixtures.  They can be used in homes and in offices. They are like fairy lights which can be placed in multiples.  Indeed, they have the capacity to make a room look adorable and enchanting.

They can be placed either in ceiling or walls.  It depends on your preference.  No matter where they are placed, it has a charming and inviting look.  Nowadays, they come with a cord, which adds up to its aesthetic value.


There are new innovations and trends this 2017 in the field of interior design.  The lighting fixtures that will bloom this year are the chandelier, pendant, and LED strip lights.  They will conquer the market by storm, especially to those who have modern homes and spaces.

Improving the overall layout of your house takes a matter of creative mixture of elements and ideas.  This 2017, the trend will inspire a new look again through the use of classic lighting fixtures and designs.  The magnificence and simplicity of the designs make them perfect options for this current year.