LED Lighting Calculator – How Many Lumens To Light A Room? February 15, 2023 – Posted in: General Info, Commercial Lighting, Home Lighting, Lighting Information

This LED lighting calculator can calculate the number of lumens or wattage you will need for different rooms and applications. This room lighting calculator is simple to use and different outputs depending on the color scheme of your interior. Easily determine how many led bulbs you need for your room or how much wattage your room will require to have enough luminance. This resource is available to you free of charge, bookmark it for future use.

How Many Lumens To Light A Room?

Select Room type
Unit of Measure
Interior Color Scheme
618734 Lumens OR 4759 Watts
to illuminate your Party hall of 11100 sq ft
OptionLED Light# of Bulbs

How Does This LED Wattage Calculator Work?

Simply select your room type, put in your measurements, and decide how much light (or illumination) you need in that space. Finally, select between light or dark interior and the location you will be placing your light sources. Viola! The table below the calculator will show both the lumens and wattage required for your room.

It’s best practice to go a little over the estimate when shopping for lights as LED’s do lose brightness over time and even burn out.

If you’re shopping for LED fixtures, it’s better to go off of the lumens rather than wattage as efficacy ranges between manufacturers and models.

How Many Lumens For A Bathroom?

Based on the average bathroom size, 6×10 or 60 sq ft, for medium lighting you would want around 2300 lumens. Using our calculator you can put in your own dimensions to determine the right amount of illumination for your space.

How do you calculate how many LED lights do I need?

Use out simple calculator to get the exact wattages and number of standard LED bulbs you’ll need. All you need is the measurements, desired brightness, and your planned installation style to get exactly the number of lumens you need and the approximate wattage.

Why does my wall color matter to calculate how much light I need?

LVR - Light Reflectance Value Chart From White To Black, 0-100%

Every paint color has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) number between 0 (for pure black) and 100 (for pure white). This number tells you exactly how reflective your paint really is. The maximum is around 94. The more light that reflects around the room, the easier it is to light that room using less lights and energy.

How much light do I need for a 12×12 room?

For an average 12′ x 12′ bedroom, you would need around 4,000 lumens of light. For a more accurate calculation, use the tool above.

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