The Top Lighting Technology for Your Homes in 2017 May 5, 2017 – Posted in: Home Lighting

Modern homes deserve to have the latest innovations in lighting and technology, and this is the perfect time to upgrade the lighting fixtures in your home. Small alterations and other changes can make a big impact on your home.

You can come up with the right blend of lights to make your home look extra special. This can be applied both to the exterior and interior of the house. This year, modern homes have upgraded, so it is just the right time to upgrade your lighting fixtures.

The Top Lighting Technology for Your Homes in 2017


Home Lighting Fixtures

There are many lighting technologies to choose from for your homes. The one that will never go out of style is a classic pendant light, which is recommended if you want your homes to have a versatile look.

This kind of light will go well with almost any kind of home decoration. The Looper LED Pendant Light is one of the latest designs this year. This pendant light will surely give your home a modern look. This comes with a Black finish that is perfect for almost any interior color.

You have an option to set it to warm or cool white. This pendant light can make your home dazzling with its 110 lumens capacity, but you also have the choice to set it to have an average brightness outburst. It is perfect for your living room and kitchen area.

Another useful inclusion in your modern homes is the chandeliers. They have been around for ages, and they are still incorporated with modern families. They have the power to transform your home into an elegant-looking haven.

You can check the Two Tier LED Chandelier Box because it is a whole new way of reconstructing a classic chandelier. The box shape of this light brings it a look of modernity. Its geometrical shape is also very easy to match with any home interior.

The Top Lighting Technology for Your Homes in 2017

Office Lighting Fixtures

Aside from homes, offices should also be subjected to upgrades and improvement. An office is a place where productivity is the most important concept to incorporate. Did you know that lighting fixtures can help in creating a productive mood?

You can incorporate different geometric shapes of light to give your office unique look. Different designs are offered in Modern.Place so you can surely match it with the decoration of your house.

Another lighting option that you have is the chandelier. The main lobby or waiting area is a great place to put said chandeliers. Guests will never grow impatient while waiting because their attention will undoubtedly be attracted by the dazzling light of the crystal balls hanging from the chandelier.

Since LED lights have captured the market, office LED lights are a must-have in your office. This will surely give your office a lively ambiance. The result of this is more productivity and efficacy of employees.

The overall performance of your staff depends on their mood. One of the most effective strategies to do this with is with lighting fixtures. This year, office rooms are recommended to have as much LED light as possible to brighten up the surroundings.

This kind of environment is effective in lighting up the mood in the workplace. Aside from this, dark ambiance causes the employees to feel uninterested and dull. To avoid such occurrences, you can use multiple layers of light to create an unusual effect.

Floor LED strips are also effective in maintaining an upbeat feeling. Employees will surely feel motivated to work as they go around the office. It also makes the work area look wider and longer. Most high-rise buildings should also take advantage of the new lighting fixtures available today.

The Top Lighting Technology for Your Homes in 2017


If you want to keep up with the latest trends in lighting and technology this 2017, it is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of the all new pendant and chandelier light designs. You can choose designs that will complement the overall theme of your house.

There are wide arrays of designs in Modern Place where you can choose. They are versatile, and they can be matched with different themes and mood for each room.  If you want to create an interesting effect, you can mix up multiple layers of light or create a pattern for a more uniform look.

Indeed, this year is the perfect time to make a shift from good lighting fixtures to the best!