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LED Canopy Lighting

Canopy LED Lighting

LED Canopy Gas Station Light Features

  • High CRI (>80)
  • 50-240 Watt
  • Fully UL & DLC Listed
  • 125 Lumens Per Watt
  • 45mm x 45mm High Performance LED Chip
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • 3000-6500k Color Temperature 
  • 5 Year REPLACEMENT Warranty
  • Two Mounts: Recessed Or Ceiling Installation
  • 10 Day Lead Time
  • Die-cast Aluminum Design

IP65 - Waterproof Rating

No matter the environment, our lights are able to withstand all weather conditions and water from all directions.

Canopy LED Lighting
Canopy LED Lighting

Highly Efficient LED Bulbs - 125 Lumens Per Watt

Our design and manufacturing process ensures your LED’s not only last over 50,000 hours but also comply with the latest efficiency standards.

Multiple Installation Options

Our parking garage / gas station lights can be installed in either recessed or ceiling mounted applications. 

Canopy LED Lighting

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Our Canopy Lighting Options

MP-CP-2 Model

Canopy LED Lighting

MP-CPX-9 Model

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Who does not want their outdoor spaces to be flooded with great quality led lights which bring all your hard work into focus and into the limelight? There are a lot of options out there in the market but there is nothing like the kinds that ModernPlace offers. They offer modern led lighting for garages, garages and outdoor walkways, and have a versatile collection of a vast number of designs and models to choose from. One of their products, in particular, has the wonderful and efficient feature to it, and that is the LED Canopy Light.

The best part about this led canopy lighting is that it does not depend on the environment. These lights are able to withstand any kind of weather condition and it can also work if it meets with water, making it completely waterproof which is a wonderful feature to have in an outdoor light.

The best part about this led canopy light is that its design and the way it is manufactured ensures that it lasts over 50,000 hours, which is absolutely mind blasting as this kind of technology is something which is not only useful but also super efficient. It also complies with the latest efficiency standards which saved electricity and you costs and improves the way that you handle your lighting.

It also has a High CRI which is basically the color rendering index of a light system. This led canopy light claims to be over 80. It also claims to give out 125 lumens per watt which are very powerful for something which runs on just 50-240 watts depending upon the energy efficient mode of your electrical system.

It also has a 3000-6500k color temperature which ensures that your light will never lose its brightness as it has the power to light up with great color fastness and energy.

Some perks which this led canopy light has are 5 years of replacement warranty which is absolutely fantastic. There are a lot of incidents or events which are covered under this warranty and one can be rest assured of getting their money back in case the lights turned out to be faulty/missing some features.

It can be installed in a recessed form, which is mounted somewhere using an external support, or can be fixed on the ceiling, outdoors. Either way, there is no doubt about the quality of performance and the energy efficiency of this light.

It is very pleasing to look at too. This led canopy light is made up of aluminum in a very interesting and fashionable design, which gives it a very rich luxurious feel to it so far.

There are a lot of models to choose from each one differing very slightly on their features. Some models are MP-CP-1 or MP-CP-2 and older MP-CP models as well, to choose from.

Their customer service number is listed on their very interesting and easy to navigate website and they mention a time frame within which they can clear your queries and doubts about the same.

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