How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right – 10 Tips March 6, 2017 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting, Tutorials

Working from home has many advantages. You can set up your workplace according to your preferences. Designing your workplace does not only mean that you have to pay attention to the design and décor of the room. Of course, the furniture and styling are important, but you have to take the ergonomics of the environment into consideration too. The home office of the modern age is more than just desk and chair. It can be changed into a place to read emails, watch the news, and relax. All these tasks need proper lighting system to promote comfort and ease in the atmosphere. Improper lighting can affect your eyes and cause a migraine. You should create a lighting system to insure a comfortable and pleasant environment that does not distract you from your work.

Dim lighting can be hard on eyes, can cause headaches and create a gloomy atmosphere. Improper lighting will distract you from your job, and if it is too bright or harsh, it will drain all the energy away. So, apart from paying attention to the aesthetics, you should take steps to lighten your home office environment correctly.

Steps to be taken for lighting a home office:

The first thing is to choose a functional place for designing your home office; a place that reflects your personality and is suitable for working comfortably. Your home office should be fit for working, relaxing, reading, and working on the computer. You need a combination of ambient and natural lighting both to create a perfect environment. You can use ceiling-mounted fixtures or uplighter for ambient lighting and floor lamps or desk lamps for task lighting. The task lights are ideal for reading, writing, or working on computer whereas an uplighter or recessed wall washing is used for highlighting a display of art or architectural work. Following steps should be taken to create a perfect lighting arrangement for your workplace.

Use some natural light

Natural light is ideal for creating a peaceful and bright atmosphere for your workplace. Unfortunately, the gadget maniacs of this age forget the use of natural light and make their lives more miserable. Natural light is a blessing, but all that matters is how to use it accurately and usefully. If there are glossy surfaces at your workplace, then they can cause a nuisance as they will reflect the natural light. You can however accurately control the flow and spread of natural light in the room so that it blends rightly with the artificial lights.

Consider the lighting angles

Lighting is all about choosing the right angles. The lighting angle will depend on the nature of your work and the tasks that you will perform at your home office. If you are working on a computer, then you will need work lights such as a desk lamp on the computer table or a floor lamp right next to your chair. If you are an architect, you will need adequate lighting arrangement that does not create shadows on your worksheets. A flood of natural light will help you do work and if you place your workstation at the north or south of the room, there will be no shadow causing a distraction.

Choose the correct ambient light

Ambient lights are a must in a room as they are not only used at night but also during daytime. Most of the ambient lights consist of overhead lighting systems which are already present in every room as recessed lights. However, these lights are not enough for your workplace because they are not designed for your workplace. Thus you will need more lights in addition to these ambient lights. If you want to work directly with the light source, then it is recommended that you use a soft light source such as a lampshade. The ambient light you choose should light up your entire workplace in a balanced manner and should not leave any dark or bright pockets anywhere.

Task lighting plays an important role

Task lights are the most important part of a home office, and they are essential no matter what the nature of your job is. The task lights make sure that you perform your work under proper illumination. There are many contemporary task lighting systems available, and you can pick from a vast variety according to your choice. Choosing an array of table lamps can be very helpful as you can change the illumination levels of each light according to your comfort. Different tasks require different lighting arrangements. If you are using an array of various lamps, you can change the intensity of the light according to the work requirement. The task lights give a perfect contrast to the reading and writing tasks. No matter how perfect the ambient light is, you will always need a task light to make the working experience more convenient.

Use the correct shades

People often complain that the lights are too bright and cause strain on the eyes. To avoid the glare, closing the source of natural light is not a good solution. However, you can use some cool curtains, blinds, and roman shades that can perfectly blend the natural light so that you work in a comfortable lightened environment. You can get more creative by putting a large indoor plant near the window to avoid too much glare, and thus make the room fresh and peaceful.

Which trendy lights should be used for a home office?

There are many stylish and chic lighting items available on the market that can not only add beauty and charm to your workplace but also create adequate lighting for you so that you work comfortably. Following are some examples of the trendy lights that can be added to your place of work:

Modern Place MP-004 Pendant Light  – Made with home office in mind.

How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right - 10 Tips

It has a slim and elegant design and is perfect for creating an a nice modern look at your workplace. If you want to add a minimal touch to your modern setting, you can use this lamp. It has a metal body and linear design, and the whole look gives a sense of freshness and balance to its lighting system. You can hang it above your workstation as its connective piece and make your workplace more comfortable and unique.

Cairo Table Lamp

How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right - 10 Tips


This beautiful lamp is inspired by the middle-eastern designs of the mid-century. It has a cone-shaped figure, and its slim and sturdy design makes it a beautiful addition to any workplace. If you want to give a unique touch to your workplace, put this Cairo Table Lamp on your desk or near your workstation. You can adjust the cone-styled shade to get the right amount of light you need for your work.

Moya Wall Light

The Moya Wall Light is very simple to set up and gives an antique feel to your workplace. You can place this flexible wall light on your desk or next to your chair to read or work on the computer. It has an adjustable swivel that allows you to change the direction of the light to wherever you want it. It has a minimalist design of brass shade and creates a unique atmosphere for you to carry on your work.

Bogota Quirky Wall Light

How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right - 10 Tips

With bright lines and glossy appearance, this stylish fixture can make a fabulous décor at your workplace. This beautiful swing arm lamp is perfect for fixing over your workstation or placing it as a wall-mounted table lamp.

Kingston Contemporary Table Lamp

How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right - 10 Tips

The Kingston Contemporary Table Lamp is a versatile one and can give a modern look to your workplace. It is perfect for desks and side tables, and is suitable for reading and other hobbies. It has an adjustable arm that allows you to adjust the light and move it to anywhere you want. If you are an artist or have to display some pieces of art or architecture, you can use this lamp to illuminate the particular area.

Things to look for when selecting lighting system for your workspace:

How To Light Your Modern Workspace Right - 10 Tips

Lighting a room is not only limited to buying lights and placing them in the chamber, but it is a lot more than that. An improperly lit or dim workplace can make you sleepy and lethargic and can cause eye stress and fatigue when you look at the computer. On the other hand, if it is too bright, it can cause a headache and increase the pressure on eyes. So, it is important to consider the angles and choose the right light for your workplace.

LEDs are a perfect choice, and apart from the ceiling and wall, they are available on the floor and in desk forms too. Always make sure that the floor lights do not take up much space in your room, and are mobile enough to move from one place to another. If you prefer to work alone in peace, you can use strips and tapes alongside your desk. These tapes and strips are perfect if you want less clutter and prefer a clean environment. A LED strip is a nice way to add lighting to any nuisance and clutter. Fluorescent lighting system changes the look of your home office and transforms it into a modern one. But these lights do not suit everyone as they are too bright to the eyes.

Bottom line:

Lighting arrangements at your workspace should be energy-saving and flexible enough. A good lighting system consists of a balanced system of natural and artificial lights and requires direct and indirect light sources for perfect illumination. A right lighting arrangement will make you feel fresh and peaceful while you work. Thus, a lot of consideration is necessary to light your modern workspace in a perfect and proper way.