How to Light a Room with No Overhead Ceiling Lighting February 5, 2022 – Posted in: General Info, Home Lighting, Tutorials

It’s easy to miss a room’s lack of lightning until the sun goes down and you realize how much you would like an overhead light. If your room doesn’t have overhead lighting, there is no need to remodel your entire room to add new light fixtures. There are many creative ways to add lighting to your room, and none of these ways are difficult to do.

Plug-In Pendant

The easiest way to solve the lack of overhead lighting is to create overhead lighting. However, the good thing is adding an overhead light does not mean adding any fixtures to your ceilings. You can easily install a hook in the ceiling to hang the cord of the pendant light and these lights can simply be plugged into an outlet.

Floor Lamp

To light up your room, you can use a floor lamp just like hotels do. You should get yourself an oversized floor lamp. These lamps are not only statement pieces, but they will improve your room’s lighting. To further enhance the lighting, you can choose a lampshade that emits even more light due to its design. You may also opt for no shade for optimal light.

Gather All of the Natural Light

While this option will not be useful when the light goes down, you can capitalize on natural light during the day. You can do this by switching to light, breezy curtains where the light can pour in. Opening up the windows and doors will also bring in the light and the fresh air.

Desk Lamps

Modern Desk Lamp

The empty surfaces on your desks and tables can be put to use to help brighten your rooms. Although desk lamps will be of no use in lighting up the entire room, they are still useful in providing additional light to several places in the room. You can put desk lamps on desks, bookcases, and end tables at the sides of the couches. You do not need to have outlets installed, as you can simply use battery-powered lamps.


This might seem like an outlandish suggestion, but strategically placed mirrors will not only make a room seem bigger, but they can also add more light. Point your floor lamps towards the mirror, and the mirror will shine more light throughout the room. You can also hang a mirror opposite a window to mimic the natural light and the appearance of additional windows. The more mirrors you use, the more light that shines through your rooms.

String Lights

String lights are another fun way to add light to a room. They can be hung by the window to create a cozy feel and lighten any room. They also create a bohemian aesthetic when used in bedrooms and a lively, entertaining feel, in the living room. Luckily, these lights are always affordable and come in various colors so the style can be customized exactly to your desire.

Spotlight Floor Lamp

The difference between this spotlight floor lamp and a traditional floor lamp is the spotlight effect it creates. These lamps are aesthetically pleasing and produce a soft light, as opposed to a hard light that comes from spotlights. However, it has the same effect and can lighten your home without shining too bright into your eyes.


Uplights send light upwards toward the ceiling and illuminate more light than a desk light or a floor light. Uplights also come in different sizes, including floor uplights and table uplights.


Candles are another option to provide dim and cozy lighting, but they are a fire hazard. Luckily, there are alternatives available that are not as hazardous. There are LED flameless candles that will create the same cozy lighting and are safer, and easier to light than traditional candles.

Do not despair if you are lacking overhead lighting there are many options available to achieve the same effect.