Choosing The Perfect Chandelier Size For Your Bedroom October 14, 2023 – Posted in: Home Lighting

Bedroom Chandelier Sizing Guide

We totally get it – picking out just the right chandelier for your bedroom can seem like a mission impossible. With an overwhelming array of designs, sizes, and styles at your fingertips, it’s vital to remember that the size of your chandelier plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall look and feel of your room.

Fear not! This comprehensive guide is here to clear up any confusion by going over the key points such as bedroom dimensionsceiling height and light fixture purposes.

So let’s dive in together – lighting the way towards finding the answer to what size chandelier will work best for your bedroom.

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Key Points

  • The size of the chandelier depends on your room size. A big room needs a large light, a small one will do fine with a mini chandelier.
  • You should think about what you want from your chandelier. Is it only for light? Or do you want it to look nice too?
  • Room length and width measurements help find the right chandelier diameter. Ceiling height helps us determine how high we can hang our new fixture.
  • You must pick out a style that matches with your bed, wall art and floor rugs. This will make sure your bedroom is both appealing and balanced.

Determining the Right Chandelier Size for Your Bedroom

modern crystal chandelier in brass finish

When it comes to determining the right chandelier size for your bedroom, you should start by considering the size of your room. Next, establish the specific purpose of the chandelier – is it solely for lighting or does it also serve as a decorative accent? With these in mind, calculate the ideal diameter based on room dimensions and take into account your ceiling height.

These steps guide you towards selecting a fixture that will balance nicely with other elements in your space.

Consider the size of your bedroom

small chandelier hanging in a traditional style bedroom

Your bedroom size is key in choosing a chandelier. Larger rooms need big chandeliers to fill the space nicely. Smaller bedrooms may look best with mini or small chandeliers. In a room smaller than 10′ x 10′, we suggest a chandelier between 17″ and 20″ wide.

For rooms about 12′ x 12′, try one between 22″ and 27″. It’s all about balance! Always make sure your light fixture fits well within your space. Too big can be overwhelming, but too small might not light up the room enough.

Determine the purpose of the chandelier

simple wooden chandelier in a high ceiling bedroom

A chandelier in the bedroom plays a big role. It is not just for light. Its first job is to catch your eye. As a focal point, it adds style and shine to the room. Think about what you want from your chandelier.

Do you need bright light? Or do you prefer soft, warm glow?

The perfect chandelier can make the room look rich and fancy. We use it to boost the beauty of our space with its elegance and charm. Along with this, we pick out a size that fits well with our furniture and room size too! So take some time, think about what you want, then get ready for some great changes in your bedroom!

Calculate the ideal diameter based on room dimensions

large crystal bedroom chandelier in a white and gray bedroom

Deciding on the best chandelier size is a must. Start by calculating the right size for your bedroom.

First Step:

  1. Look at your room size in feet.
  2. Add the length and width of the room together.
  3. This sum gives you a good idea of the chandelier diameter in inches.
  4. For example, if your bedroom is 12 feet by 14 feet, add these two numbers together.
  5. You will get 26 feet, this means you need a chandelier about 26 inches in diameter.

Second Step:

  1. Get the height of your ceiling in feet.
  2. Multiply this height by 2.5 or 3.
  3. The result will tell you what inch size to aim for in terms of chandelier height.

Boom! Now you’ve got a good estimate for the size you need. 

Bedroom Chandelier Size Calculator

To make it easier, we’ve included a simple calculator to save you time. This will give you an estimated size you can aim for.

Consider the height of your bedroom ceiling

modern bedroom with a large glass chandelier as the centerpiece

Your bedroom ceiling height matters a lot. It’s key to pick the best chandelier size. Tall ceilings or coves might need a larger, high-hanging light. For low clearances, a smaller fixture or ceiling light is better.

If your room has an 8-foot ceiling, go for flush-mount or semi-flush fixtures. They give enough clearance and look great too! We can use this simple rule: for every foot of room height, add 2.5 inches to the fixture height.

Common Chandelier Sizes for Different Bedroom Sizes

coastal interior design modern led pendant light concept

From tiny chandeliers for cozy bedrooms to large fixtures for grand suites, we’ll discuss common chandelier sizes suited for different types of bedrooms. Without giving too much away, this section will offer valuable tips on how to choose the perfect size that complements your space perfectly.

Recommendations for small, medium, and large bedrooms

A stunning chandelier enhances the ambiance of a well-decorated bedroom captured in high-quality photography

When it comes to choosing the perfect chandelier size for bedrooms of different sizes, we recommend the following:

Bedroom SizeRecommended Chandelier SizeOther Considerations
Small (Less than 10′ x 10′)17″ to 20″ in diameterConsider the visual density of the chandelier. Chandeliers with busy or complex designs may appear larger than their actual size in smaller rooms.
Medium (10′ x 10′ to 20′ x 20′)The chandelier’s width or diameter should be between 2/3 and 3/4 of the room’s width.The style of the chandelier should complement the room’s decor. The size of the chandelier should be proportional to other furniture pieces in the room.
Large (More than 20′ x 20′)The diameter of the chandelier should be calculated based on the room’s size and the ceiling height.The chandelier’s height should match the room’s height and size. If the chandelier is placed over a dining table, it should be proportional to the size of the dining table.

Remember, these are just general recommendations. Always consider other factors like the room’s decor, the chandelier’s function, and the amount of light needed for the room.

Factors to consider in choosing the right size

modern bedroom with modern LED pendant light 2

The size of the room is key to picking the right chandelier. We need to add length and width in feet then change it to inches. This number gives us a good start for choosing our light fixture’s diameter.

The height of ceiling also plays a big role on how high or low we can hang the chandelier. Style of chandelier is important too! It needs to fit with other stuff in the room. If things get tough, ask help from lighting pros or use online tools like chandelier size calculators!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Chandelier

photograph of a bedroom with an elegant chandelier

It’s not just about size – choosing the perfect bedroom chandelier also involves matching your decor, understanding its function, balancing light levels and avoiding sizing errors that can disrupt room harmony.

Choose a chandelier style that complements your bedroom decor

earth tone bedroom with a modern wooden pendant light fixture above the bed

We suggest choosing a chandelier style that fits in with your bedroom decor. Look at the design, material, and finish of the chandelier. It should match other parts of the room. A fancy chandelier can make a simple room feel more rich and special.

Your mattress, art pieces, floor rugs, they all matter when picking the ideal chandelier for your space. If you pick right, it will add to the charm of your bedroom. So pay close attention to what type of chandelier matches up with your style at home before buying one.

Consider the function of the chandelier in the room

large bedroom with dual pendants hanging bedside

The chandelier in your bedroom has a job to do. It’s not just for looks! For some people, it gives them enough light to read by at night. Others use it to brighten the whole room, or even as a fancy piece of art to look at.

We need to think about what we want the chandelier to do before we pick one out.

Let’s say you like having soft light when you wake up. Then, you may want a dimmable chandelier that can adjust its brightness. Or if you have a big room and need lots of light, go for an ornate large fixture with many bulbs.

If our goal is simply decoration or setting a mood, an elegant yet smaller design might be best.

Incorporate the right amount of lighting for your bedroom

well-lit, cozy bedroom with mirror and earth tone interior design

We should think about how bright we want our room. If the chandelier is the main light, we need one with big unshaded bulbs. This will spread light all over the room. It’s not good if our light is too dim or too bright.

Let’s make sure we have just the right amount of glow for a cozy bedroom feel!

Avoid choosing a chandelier that is too large or too small

A stunning chandelier hangs in a beautifully decorated room, creating a vibrant and captivating atmosphere

The size of your chandelier matters a lot. A light too big can make the room feel overpowered. Plus, it’s not fun to hit your head on a low hanging light! On the other hand, if we pick one too small, it gets lost and doesn’t brighten up the space enough.

Finally, let’s not forget about our ceiling height. Taller ceilings need bigger lights so the whole room gets filled with brightness.

Frequently Asked Questions – Chandelier Sizing

How do I determine what size chandelier I need for my bedroom?

To determine the right size chandelier for your bedroom, add the length and width of the room in feet. The sum will equal what diameter (in inches), the chandelier should be. For instance, if your room is 20ft long by 15ft wide, you will need a 35-inch diameter chandelier.

How high should I hang a chandelier in my bedroom?

A general chandelier height guide suggests the bottom of the chandelier should hang approximately 7 feet above the floor. However, in bedrooms with higher ceilings, it’s recommended to raise the fixture another three inches for each additional foot of ceiling height.

How can I decide on the right size chandelier for a nightstands area in my bedroom?

When choosing a chandelier to hang above nightstands, choose a fixture that has a diameter equal to one-half to two-thirds the width of the table. Also, make sure the chandelier shouldn’t hang lower than the height of the bedside lamps.

Can I place a chandelier in the center of my bedroom even if there’s no fixture present?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to add a chandelier in the middle of the room. Placing a chandelier in the center helps distribute light evenly throughout the room. However, you might need to hire an electrician to install the wiring and switch for the new chandelier placement.

What is the ideal size chandelier for a foyer?

For a foyer chandelier, the rule is to take the foyer’s length and width (in feet), add them together and that’s the approximate diameter (in inches). For instance, a 12-by-16 foot room would need a 28-inch chandelier.

How high should a foyer chandelier hang?

A foyer chandelier traditionally hangs at least 7 feet from the floor. However, for double-story foyers, the chandelier should hang in the middle of the stairway’s upper half, which often means it will hang higher than 7 feet for a balanced look.

Is it essential to factor in the width of the dining table when determining the chandelier size for the dining room?

Absolutely. The dining room chandelier should typically be about one-half to two-thirds the width of the table. It should never be wider than the table, as people could bump their heads when standing up.

What size should I choose for a living room chandelier?

The living room chandelier’s size depends on your room’s size. Again, add the room’s length and width in feet, and that’s the diameter (in inches) your chandelier should ideally be. Also, it might be worth considering if the chandelier should be the room’s main light source or just a decorative piece.

What are some tips for picking the perfect bedroom lighting?

When picking the perfect bedroom lighting, consider a chandelier’s size, placement, style, and function. The chandelier’s size should be proportional to the room and furniture. The placement should offer proper lighting; consider placing it in the middle of the room or over a focal point. The style should match your room decor, and the function depends on whether you need it for reading, mood lighting, or just decoration.