Bar Pendant Lighting Selection Guide September 8, 2016 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting, Tutorials

A bars or pubs atmosphere is one of the most important things it has to offer – people often come for the feeling the bar gives them and not just the drinks. One way to give your bar the proper atmosphere is proper lights. Whether you own a chic bar downtown or an irish pub, it’s important you pick the right lights to compliment your atmosphere.

You really just have a few choices to make when selecting lighting.

1. Bright Or Dark?


As simple as it gets! Hotel bars are typically as bright as it gets and intimate wine bars are as dark as it gets (unless you’re one of those night vision places where you can’t see who you’re talking with). Personally we prefer middle ground, lit enough to see the person but not bright enough to notice they’re ugly. Another idea is to have part of your bar an open, bright area and have darker area’s around seating and to the sides. McGuires in Pensacola does a great job of having dining, a central drinking area, and darker places all in one. If you want to adjust the mood based on themed nights or time of day, we recommend going with dimmable pendant lighting as it will give you full control of the atmosphere at the twist of the dimmer.

2. Modern, Vintage, Traditional?

Bar Pendant Lighting Selection Guide

Typically mixing and matching isn’t a bad thing, but for lighting, you want to keep it generally the same. You can get away with a few Edison bulbs in a modern environment but don’t go overboard as it will confuse everybody and their mother when they walk into 5 different decades. Overall, try to keep decor on the same page from the moment they walk in, to the moment they are puking in your bathroom.

3. Space


Many bars really don’t have a lot of space to work with because of the locations and ridiculous rent in busy areas, so you won’t have a ton of room to put huge 82″ pendant lights  that fill the whole room. Your best best is to keep pendant lights as high as possible (people get grabby) and try to keep a low profile so you can use that precious space for important things like beer. Ofcourse if you’re working with a home bar or have a ton of space, you can do as you wish!

Hope you enjoyed this little, simple guide for bar pendant lights selection 🙂