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Newest Modern Light Fixtures

Modern & Contemporary Lighting

ModernPlace is a one of kind solution to all of your modern fixtures needs. We design, manufacture and tailor lights for consumers, businesses and wholesalers to ensure the best looking contemporary options for you. Our fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many application from bar lights to kitchen island lighting. If you’re a business or wholesale lighting buyer, you will love our short lead times and  full customization options. Check out some of our brand new pendant lighting above. If your interested in our commercial led selection (which includes hospitality lighting, linear office lighting, lighting for architects and other modern lighting). Feel free to checkout our full list of catalogs through the link on the top left.

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Wood Painted Pendant Lights With Bulbs

Many homeowners are keen to revamp their home and add value to their property without the heavy investments that modern remodeling projects require. The easiest and most convenient way to do this is to add beautifully designed fixtures. With our 2024 lamp fixture designs, you can emphasize the most important parts of your home and add to the value of your home while improving the curb appeal your property has to offer.

With a wide range of newly designed fixtures to choose from, you can definitely find numerous style options that will fit your taste. This ensures there is something for every area of your home, including contemporary pendant lights, fresh wall sconce lights, new bathroom & vanity wall mounts and more. These incredible lamp designs are available in different styles to complement rooms of all types and sizes. In addition, you find luminaries that will set the mood for workspaces and environments, as we offer a wide range of new lighting for commercial applications. So go ahead and illuminate your home with outstanding contemporary styles for  fixtures today.

Our newest light chandelier designs ensure innovative displays with great features, so you will be able to see exactly how each room will look in a real world setting. When you shop online, you can find a comprehensive range new age ambient light designs that will make the most of your home to complement your new construction or newly renovated home. LED bulbs & integrated LED’s are used in numerous units, reducing your energy costs while offering a full range of luminare colors to consider.  LED Strips with different colors can be used to offer ideal accents around the pool or under your cabinets and we offer high grade LED strips in our commercial department. Wide variety of features can be added such as dimming, color temperature changing and wifi control on custom orders.

Pendant lights are also perfect over dining areas to provide a warm, ambient illumination. They offer light at a much lower lever in the dining areas or over islands than recessed downlight fixtures, which are ideal for providing visual appeal with more balanced fixture arrangement. These are perfect for hotel and hospitality buyers.

Sparkling nights full of twinkling stars may be refreshing, but a dark entryway can invite intruders to your home. Therefore, it is also important to consider outdoor contemporary light fixtures for your home. These include motion-activated lights that can be used to monitor the darkest areas of your home while saving on electricity. Other options include wall-mounted, post-mounted, and stair-mounted fixtures for a well-lit doorstep. The driveway can be well lit by carriage lights situated on your gate. Choose from current decorative lighting units to illuminate your deck or patio while entertaining your family and friends.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the hub of the home.  Modern ceiling light fixtures are a great way to light a kitchen island. It is the high time to update those circular fixtures and set up track linear fixtures that offer enough lumens that is required for the busiest room in any home. To figure out how many lumens you need for each room, use our LED lighting calculator tool here.

If you need more ideas for 2024 home fixture designs, just ask our experts and they will guide you to choose the best modern lighting fixtures for your home.

When comparing out lights to other light fixture manufacturers such as Elan, Eurofase, etc – you’ll notice our pricing is considerable lower on our modern lights. We own our own factory and have a long established relationship so all of our pricing is directly based on materials, manufacturing, and shipping prices. We don’t use typical distributors (this would raise prices) but we do offer OEM branding directly from our manufacturing plant. This helps you save money as a customer and give wholesalers the ability to buy without worrying about price competition, leaving everyone happy.

In the recent “uprising” of new design styles and the demand for them, ModernPlace has hired a professional team of engineers and designers to bring you the most fresh and sleek fixtures on the market. We’re never afraid to try a new style or material for our upcoming catalogs. In 2024 we plan to focus heavily on beautiful materials and high efficiency lights while also expanding our selection of contemporary commercial luminares. Our current year new models will focus on the following:

  • Expanding our ceiling & pendant light catalog selection
  • Releasing all new models in our wall sconce and vanity fixture categories
  • Designing new pendant and ceiling models
  • Increasing the number of finishes and options for current catalogs
  • Following the trends set for the current year

Lighting options are extremely important for your home, whether it’s for the day or the night. The best lighting has the power to change depending on the feeling or by the atmosphere you wish to create for your living area. Having passion in contemporary design, we give you a great variety of contemporary fixtures for every room of the house. We offer everything from interior lighting (for example, modern kitchen lighting), modern suspended lighting (for example, linear pendant lighting), and accessory lighting (such as modern wall sconces and vanity bathroom lights). Modern lighting has brought many benefits to the design world, such as clean cut lines, sharp rectangular shapes, and visually pleasing acrylic glass. The best modern lighting brings out the features of your other interior components and helps you deliver an even, clean look throughout your living space. Wall, pendant and vanity lighting should aesthetically match, especially for hotel lighting to produce a consistent design throughout, and we’re here to help you achieve it.