Modern Office Lighting And How It Affects Productivity December 2, 2016 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting, Lighting Information

Did you know there is a correlation between the lighting in the office to the workload that your responsibility? Lighting was on the pulse of an employee, which is a measure of the use is biased. The worst of the quality of light, then the pulse will be higher, indicating more workload. One of the factors that influence the health of office lighting. Lighting is an important element in an office. With good lighting is not only employees able to work well and productively but also a good atmosphere in the office, which in turn supply affects the morale of its employees.

Why should attention to lighting?


The poor Modern Office Lighting causes fatigue in the muscles and nerves of the eye, eye strain and headaches local, which can eventually lead to fatigue of the workers’ physiological. In general, the lighting is not set serious. Except in certain buildings, which are already the implementation of the integrated lighting and some of which are the energy-saving concept. Also, a survey of lighting in the workplace known that almost 48% of the electricity bill to spend on the office building.

Modern Office Lighting is the very significant impact on employees. Since the function is very important, the light must meet the minimum requirements for visual comfort. Also, light plays an important role in creating the atmosphere of the room. For example, the mood of the user space and user satisfaction.

What to Look For?

Characterized, there are two types of workspaces in the office building, the large desk, and a private office or an individual. Office space offers a large open plan office for activities that are linked together and are easily available furniture. Used while in a private office usually for a higher hierarchy in the office and are more formal and private sectors. But in general, should still be enough light available. An alternative is the use of lighting, Modern Office Lighting control. The use of these lights could be a consideration to save electricity. A simple application of light control is the motion detector and present. So that if within a few minutes there was no movement in a room, then turns the light off automatically.

Other applications of lighting control is a light sensor mounted near the window. This sensor adjusts the lighting of the room by required standards. Interestingly, when the light is bright enough outside, so the sensor sends a signal so that the light will disappear by itself. Vice versa, but the level of lighting in the room is maintained. Control of a good lighting has been widely used in offices.

Can lights with environmentally friendly technologies based on solid state lighting or LED can be used. The light source other than the guy who highly effective, even against some dangerous gasses. Currently, LEDs are already widely used for lighting direct lighting, and dynamic. In this condition can vary the color of light corresponding to the signals given by the controller. In fact, these diodes can project a moving image.

Cool with blue light


Why people love the color blue? Perhaps because they feel comfortable with and under the shade of blue. As if we see the color of the ocean. One study found the Sleep Center at the University of Surrey of the investigation, in cooperation with Lighting. Apparently working under low glow is also believed to have the stamina to stay awake and reduce sleepiness during work hours. The Modern Office Lighting with blue colored light is also believed to help employees in the office, awake and not tired at work.

Office light can create the perfect working conditions for both you as well as your employees by lowering vision related problems, increasing performance or just developing a “wow” factor for your clients and tourists. By making a high-definition lighting office, you can transform your home or company office to a designed workspace with personality and energy-saving features incredibly.


There are various varieties of office light, including overhead light, wall lighting, lamps, floor lamps plus more. There are even office lighting alternatives that make a difference your office with techniques you can’t even picture. Did you know recent studies show that lamps can increase output, well-being, and effectiveness; while reducing accidents, saving energy and bettering the grade of life?


Office light should attain more than simply the duty of providing light. It ought to be controllable at fine times, energy is conserving, maintainable, well-integrated, cost accommodating and successful to any task. Deciding on the best office lighting for your workplace is important, whether the perfect lamp, the perfect cubicle lighting, or the best solution for your complete office. Also retain in mind that your workplace lamps should fit your workplace space, workplace, budget and staff preferences for each and every work application.

Modern Office Lighting is considered in the light bright blue to create a positive atmosphere, defuse emotions, improved work performance, causing fatigue and strain on the eyes and easier to concentrate.