Best Color Temperature For Office Lighting June 28, 2018 – Posted in: Commercial Lighting

I’ll get straight to the point, avoid anything below 3500 Kelvin. It’s too yellow, and there is research behind it that will dissuade you from using it. The best light temperature for offices is between 3500 Kelvin and 5500 Kelvin . Anything above 5500K is just too blue and anything below 3500K will make your employees less productive. You can check out a study about the effect of lighting on the Circadian Rhythm and why so many apps exist to control your screen color temperature so you can get a better nights sleep. Essentially if your office has color temperature that is too yellow, it signals everyone in the room to pass out, and I’m sure nobody wants an office full of sleepers (not sleeper cells, just sleeping people).

Our recommendation overall is 4500 Kelvin, flicker free office lighting such as our seamless office light that comes in just about any color temperature (even the one that will put you to sleep!)