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Lithonia TL Alternative Troffer Lighting

Looking for Lithonia TL lights for a project? We have perfect substitutes for any models listed below that will meet the same specs and requirements!

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  • Same high quality and extended warranty
  • No distributor markups
  • 30% Lower Prices – Guaranteed

Models: 2TL2, 2TL4, 2TLX2, 2TLX4, TLX4, 2VTL4 , 2VTL2

Lumens: 20L, 30L, 40L, 48L, 60L, 72L

Color Temperature: LP830 (3000k), LP835 (3500K), LP840 (4000k), LP850 (5000k)

CRI: 80, 90, 95

Lens: A12, A19, MWS, MPL, SWL


EZ1, EZB, EDB, EXB, & SLD Equivalent Dimming

Sizes: 2×4, 2×2

Various Diffuser Options 

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From warehouse lighting to designer lights, we can help you find the right lights for the right price. All of our commercial lighting comes with a 5 year warranty with top of the line LED chips such as CREE, OSRAM and  NICHIA.

Lithonia 2TL2 2x2 LED Troffer

Lithonia is known for their good products, but they can be pricey for some people. This is the reason why are looking for the perfect substitute for the Lithonia 2TL2 Series. Modern Place has the best Lithonia 2TL2 substitute because this brand offers products with functions and quality that are at par with more popular brands.

Comparing Lithonia and Modern Place

Just like the Lithonia 2TL2, its counterpart in the Modern Place own line of lights is easy to handle because of the inner-formed end flanges and even-hemmed sides. Its door frame is made of aluminum, and it promises high durability and premium appearance.

Lithonia offers lighting that every property owner wants, but not all of us can afford it. Luckily, Lithonia 2TL2 substitute exists in the market, and it is offered by Modern Place.

Modern Place has an extensive array of light fixtures and products that can offer you the same performance and quality at a fraction of the cost of its higher-end counterparts. Lithonia lights may have good quality, but so does the Modern Place’s own range. Aside from quality, Modern Place also has a wide variety of designs to choose from to suit anyone’s style and need.

The price point of Modern Place products is also lower compared to Lithonia 2TL2 and other famous brands.

Aside from the elegant designs, Modern Place’s light fixtures are surely of high-quality. Moreover, each lighting from Modern Place remains durable even with long period of use. This is to ensure that you will get a world-class light fixture without having to invest a lot of money.

If you want to save money and still get a light fixture that has excellent quality and durability, then Modern Place can lay out the best choices for you.

Lithonia 2TL4 2x4 LED Troffer

The Lithonia 2TL4 Series offers lighting products which have a lot of features that consumers and establishment owners can benefit from. However, when it comes to a wide array of styles and features at an affordable price, Modern Place is your best option. Their line offers lighting products that are of high-quality. In fact, Modern Place lighting is the best Lithonia 2TL4 substitute in the market.

Lithonia 2TL4 Series Versus Modern Place Lighting

The Lithonia 2TL4 Series uses control technology and digital lighting with an optical system for unparalleled performance. These technologies ensure that the best lighting is achieved when used in hospitals, offices, and schools. However, if you are also looking for a Lithonia 2TL4 substitute that offers not only long life and durability but curb appeal to your establishment as well, then you should opt to choose lighting from the selections of Modern Place.

Most of the lights in Modern Place are made out of metal, glass, aluminum or plastic. These materials are known to be used by reputable brands to make their products keep up with long use.

The light fixtures in Modern Place are also eco-friendly. In terms of price range, the products are generally inexpensive, you get a product that has both excellent quality and stylish design for a lower price.

If you want lights that can brighten the different rooms of your home, office, or other establishments, seek Modern Place because they offer a wide variety of options for your preferred design or function.

There are a lot of styles that you can choose from, but you are assured that everything can withstand long periods of use. Modern Place Lights is the best Lithonia 2TL4 substitute that you can find in the market today.

Lithonia 2TLX2 2x2 LED Troffer

The lighting offered by Lithonia is a perfect example of quality and good performance, but Modern Place also offers light fixtures that are the best alternatives for it.

Throughout the years, they have been creating different lines that have been adored by many. If you are looking for a Lithonia 2TLX2 substitute, Modern Place offers excellent light fixtures that you can choose from.

Comparing Modern Place and the Lithonia 2TLX2 Series

Lithonia 2TLX2 fits almost any establishment, but if you want something stylish yet functional, Modern Place offers the best product lineup. If you are going to look at the design of the lighting available in Modern Place, you will notice their elegance. Another great thing about Modern Place Lights is that despite the high-quality performance and sleek design, the price is still affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get a stylish lighting because Modern Place can offer it to you.

Lithonia 2TLX2 uses an integrated controls technology, which is one of the highlights of the product. On the other hand, each of the Modern Place products has no single feature to highlight because everything is beneficial to the user. It is also energy saving, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

Most of the lighting fixtures in Modern Place are made out of thicker metal –  known for its sturdy and durable structure. This ensures that its performance remains outstanding even with prolonged use.

Modern Place offers the best Lithonia 2TLX2 substitute that you can invest in. The longevity and performance of the product are enough to attest that it is one of the best products on the market when it comes to lighting.

Modern Place has the perfect LED light products that will surely be loved by customers who own either a private or public property. It is your best bet when finding the perfect Lithonia 2TLX2 substitute in the market. Modern Place LED lights offer more features than just your regular light bulb. It provides the perfect lighting while adding aesthetic appeal to any building’s ambiance.

The Lithonia 2TLX2 Series and Modern Place Lights

Users who appreciate how the Lithonia 2TLX2 works can also fall in love with the products offered by Modern Place. Its lineup of products offers lighting that can last a long time while providing the appropriate ambiance to any type of room. This is an ideal lighting system for property owners who want to save money while providing the appropriate lighting for any room or area. In terms of quality, price, and design, the product offerings of Modern Place are competitive and at par with its pricier counterparts.

Since Modern Place offers a wide variety of designs and features for each kind of lighting, you will have no problem in choosing the perfect one that will fit your preference and need.

An example of a stylish light fixture in Modern Place is the Modern Light Wave Fixture Ceiling Lamp. It has a chrome finish, and is made of a combination of metal, plastic, and glass. These materials used are of high-quality, which guarantee that the product will perform consistently well for an extensive period of time.

Modern Place offers a range of products that are comparable to the popular brands, which makes it the best Lithonia 2TLX2 substitute. When it comes to ease of use, their lighting can easily be installed. Moreover, the average life of the light fixtures in Modern Place is around 50,000-55,000 hours.

Modern Place provides high-quality and world-class lighting products. Customers will surely appreciate how extensive, stylish, and functional their products are.

Lithonia 2TLX4 2x4 LED Troffer

There are a lot of lighting products that people have been leaning on for the past years. Some either use the same brand, while some people experiment to find the best lighting that suits them. If you haven’t tried using lighting from Modern Place, then you should do so now. Modern Place Lights offers the best Lithonia 2TLX4 Substitute.

Modern Place Lightings: the Best Alternative to Lithonia 2TLX4

Some people haven’t been paying attention to some of the features and benefits that they can get from using LED lights. Not all people know that LED lights are actually more robust and long-lasting than fluorescent and other types of bulbs. Modern Place offers many options for LED lights that are guaranteed to last you for a very long time.

What’s more – from pendant lights to standing light fixtures, each product that is offered by Modern Place is of high-quality. Aside from that, the light fixtures of this brand are modeled with a sleek design that adds a classic vibe to your home’s ambiance.

The long service life of Modern Place lighting can match that of Lithonia TLX, which is the reason why it is the best Lithonia 2TLX4 substitute. The price is also lower compared to Lithonia TLX4, but it does not mean that features and quality are lacking. The warranty for Modern Place lighting is good for three years, but it can still be extended for up to five years. In addition, Modern Place also offers fixture add-ons.

If you have been looking for the perfect lighting that will suit your satisfaction, Modern Place is the best choice.