How To Pick The Best Lighting For Your Computer Desk December 14, 2021 – Posted in: General Info, Office Lighting, Tutorials

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Picking the best lighting for your computer desk can greatly improve your alertness and help you retain energy throughout the day. Experts estimate that 60 percent of PC users suffer from eye strain and other visual-related problems. These eye problems can be reduced or eliminated by effectively setting up your lights in your space. You can make your office workspace more usable by using the right lighting to reduce computer glare, shadows, optimize task lighting, and decrease excessively bright lights.

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Keli Fancher made a nice video on the ergonomics of lighting with some nice suggestions.

Set Your Screen Correctly

When designing the best lighting for computer work, don’t forget to include your computer’s backlight. You can reduce eye strain and fatigue by adjusting the brightness display setting on your computer screen. You can fine-tune brightness to match the lighting in your home office. Take, for example, a webpage on your computer. Now look at the background. Your backlight may be too bright if the background appears as if it were a light source. If the background appears dull and gray, your display light may be too dim. Glare is truly something that can exhaust you without you even realizing, so I recommend addressing that as your first priority.

Enjoy the Outdoor Natural Light 

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Sunlight is a natural mood-booster in a home or work office if it doesn’t block your view of your computer screen or cause glare. Bright sunlight shining through windows directly behind or in front your computer monitor can cause shadows , contrast problem, and glaring. To soften the light from the outside, adjust the amount and direction of the lighting in PC screen, you can place your monitor or laptop parallel to the windows.

Adjust the Ceiling Lights

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Ambient lighting that is low-level and not glare-free offers the best ceiling lighting to work on your computer. Reduce excessively bright ceiling lights by switching out high-wattage bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Office lights suspended from the ceiling distribute the lighting evenly. Light diffusers such as frosted lenses can also be used to help with this task. For sharper viewing, you can install several rows of overhead lights paralleling your PC’s line-of sight.

Focus On The Task Lighting

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Task lighting is a way to provide targeted illumination for reading and paper documents without reducing the clarity of screen images. A low-glare adjustable desk lamp such as a gooseneck or bendable lamp will allow you to adjust the light path. To ensure that the light shines onto your computer monitor, place the desk lamp on the side. You can use the foot candles to measure light intensity in a home office and ensure you’re getting enough light. To convert one foot candle to the most commonly used lumens, multiply it by 10.76.