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Shipping Terms

Most of our inventory ships same day or within one business day of your order. If stock is low (out of stock), you can generally expect an item at your door within 3-4 weeks of purchase date. Stock is on first come first serve basis. OEM/Branding orders will take 4-6 weeks as they have to go through our factory to be developed.

USA Shipping

  • FedEx, UPS and USPS Available (USPS Smaller items only such as dropshipping)
  • Free Shipping On All Orders

International Shipping

  • DHL/UPS/Fedex Available
  • Your Choice Of Shipping Agent
  • Free Shipping From Our Factory On Orders 5 Pcs+
  • Direct To Amazon FBA Available
  • Customs Handled By US

Payment Terms

Orders of $5,000.00 USD or more must be paid with bank transfer or accept extra fee for method of payment. Credit cards at 2.9%, PayPal calculated based on amount.

Large orders ($10,000.00 USD or more) are 50/50 payment terms. 50% upfront / 50% before shipment (Bill Of Landing).