150-240 Watt LED High Bay Linear Light – UL DLC


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Lesser consumption of fuel and energy has become one of the most important agendas for people these days. This has come following the limited natural resources left for use. High bay linear light helps people to ensure the resources are used properly and to the required extent. With the LED product, you can start contributing to the eco-friendly measures being undertaken to ensure the natural resources are not wasted.


LED High Bay Linear Lights Benefits

Besides giving you an opportunity to take part in the eco-friendly movement, the high bay linear lights also offer other benefits. Some of them have been listed below:

Energy Saving

The LED high bay linear lights of 150 – 240 Watt are listed as an energy saving lighting option. The proof is the DLC mark on the product. DLC stands for DesignLightsTM Consortium Mark that certifies a product of being energy efficient.

There are certain standards to be met. As the LED high bay light meets the standards, it qualifies to be an energy efficient lighting option. These lights contain Philips 3030 LED Chips along with 100-277V Universal Voltage.


LED high bay linear lights have 10 times longer life than CFL and other fluorescent lighting alternatives. They are ideally a damage-proof product. In addition, you don’t need to ensure frequent maintenance for it.

The LED chips are offered from CREE and they are tested to 50,000 hours. The premium aluminum alloy body is yet again a durable feature. When you invest in lighting options, what can be better than these LED lights that need not be frequently replaced?

Safety Standards

These linear lights have a UL mark on them. This mark is given by Underwriters Laboratories to indicate that a particular product is safe for use. The mark specified that the LED product meets the safety standards.

Moreover, the lights are cUL certified as well, which shows that the product can be used in Canada as well. This means if you are using these lights, you are assured they are less likely to bust. After realizing how safe they are, you are now better placed to know which option you need to go for.

Better Distribution of Lights

One of the best advantages of using high bay linear lights is that they maintain uniformity when it comes to distribution of light. These lights are generally used for larger areas and hence it is important for them to maintain proper distribution of light.

This is why the lights are preferred for warehouses, garages, stadium, and other places with a larger area.

Cost-Effective & Extended Warranty

When you turn on high bay linear lights, they don’t release heat as is evident in other forms of lighting options. As a result, the rooms remain cooler. This saves the cooling costs. This way, these lights help premises to save almost 20 percent on utility bills as you would not use your cooling system as much.

These lights come with five-year standard replacement warranty period. However, you may get an extended warranty of seven years on the product if you buy during special offers.


No other lighting option can be energy efficient and durable at the same time. For other lighting products, you may find some benefits while you may not be convinced from all perspectives. But these lights will fit your needs in all aspects.

  • A powerful, high performance and durable linear high bay light design
  • UL, cUL and DLC listed ensuring it’s both a safe and rebate eligible product
  • Long lasting LED chips from CREE, tested to last 50,000 hours
  • Perfect for warehouse, garage and stadium applications
  • Chain and Clip mounting applications
  • 0-10v Dimming Available
  • 5000K Daylight Color Temperature
  • Philips 3030 LED Chips Inside
  • 100-277V Universal Voltage
  • 90 Degree Beam Angle
  • Premium Aluminum Alloy Body
  • 5 Year Standard Replacement Warranty
  • 168 Individual LED Chips


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150 Watt – 19,500 Lumens, 200 Watts – 26,000 Lumens, 240 Watt – 31,200 Lumens


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