Top 5 Picks for Lighting Small Bedrooms May 23, 2017 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Choosing the right lighting for your small-sized bedroom is not that difficult as what most people deemed. Despite this seemingly easy work, bedroom lights should not be markdown as a lesser priority compared to other lighting fixtures in the house. Although easy, it can still be a little bit tricky if you do not know the proper balance among all of the elements in the bedroom.

Having the right kind of lighting for your bedroom is paramount because your room serves as your private abode among other areas in your house. It is in your bedroom where you can take a rest or go to slumber. It is also the place where you can study privately, do some readings or paper works. Decisions are best reflected upon at the peaceful ambiance of a bedroom.

Since bedrooms are necessary, whether how small or big it is, it is only proper that it gets the proper lighting. The bedroom lights can affect the mood of the entire room. Too much darkness in the chamber can allude sleeping while dimmed lights project an exciting atmosphere. Lack of light, however, can also impede other important activities in the bedroom that require enough light sources.

To get the proper lighting for small bedrooms, here are some of the best top five picks for it:

Floor Lamps

These lights are ideal for bedrooms that do not have much space for side tables where you can put lampshades. Floor lamps do not take much space and can be moved from one corner to another corner of the bedroom. Floor lamps can brighten the entire room, giving a great overall lighting effect to the chamber.

Choose floor lamps that have a minimalist design so that it does not occupy much space. Also, consider how the light shines depending on your preference. Up-light floor lamps are ideal for providing brightness to the room while direct floor lamps are ideal for reading.

Glass Pendant Lights

Glass Pendant Lights

The pendant light is also perfect for bedrooms that have smaller spaces because it is just hung on the ceiling of the room. Bigger pendant light can cast more brightness inside the room while smaller pendant lights can create dramatic effects.

Nowadays, there are different designs of pendant lights. Choose something that can blend into the interior of the room. Even if your room has a small space, the creativity and uniqueness in the placement of pendant light cannot be omitted.

Small Wall Lamps

To make your bedroom look bigger, it is recommended to have recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is balancing the direction and amount of light as reflected from the ceilings, walls, and even floors. This is best manifested through wall lamps.

Never underestimate the capability of wall lights in providing brightness or dramatic effect to the bedroom. You can arrange wall lamps in a straight line instead of having the natural ceiling light in the middle of the room. This will make the room look more spacious and wide.

Small Wall Lamps

Modern Ceiling Lights

There are updated industrialized ceiling lighting fixtures that are ideal for small bedrooms. Aside from the conventional bright ceiling light, you can have a modern touch by using light beams attached to the ceiling.

Direct these light beams against the walls at different directions and angles. This can make narrow areas look bigger. Also, with these modern ceiling lights, the bedroom can have a friendlier and cozier feel.

Modern Ceiling Lights

Proper Closet Lights

Even how small the bedroom is, there is always an area for the closet. Closets also need lights of their own. Unlike the cozy lighting in the bedroom, closet lights should be brighter because it is where you arrange and keep your clothes and other important personal belongings.

The most important thing for this, however, is not to use lights or bulbs near the clothes. This might damage your clothes or can trigger fire because of incandescent bulbs. You should also consider safety before installing your lighting system.

Put closet lights at the upper portion of the shelf or around twelve inches away from the edge of the rod. Fluorescent lights are the best for closets because of its cooling effect and can be hidden behind the cabinet doors.