The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Lighting System May 16, 2017 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Together with the evolution of the lighting technology are the components that can be harmful to the environment. Some people say that this is inevitable while others convey that it is impossible to balance technological development and environmental protection. This, however, is not true.

It is the responsibility of both producers and consumers to protect the environment regardless of economic development. The environment should not be set aside from economic progress and technology advancement because the environment plays a significant role in our survival on Earth.

Non-presence of Toxic Elements

Because of the need to protect and uphold environmental protection, producers of lighting fixtures created system such as the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights. Although a little bit expensive than traditional lamps, eco-friendly lights have more sustainable and power-saving features.

Here are some of the advantages of an eco-friendly lighting system that every consumer should know:

Non-presence of Toxic Elements

Eco-friendly or LED lights do not contain toxic elements compared to the conventional fluorescent lights that are usually being used in offices. Fluorescent lights contain the harmful mercury which, if disposed ofin landfills, can adversely contaminate the environment.

In fact, disposal of toxic materials with mercury involves experts or registered waste carriers.They will ensure that the waste items are properly disposed of and have not contaminated the environment.


LED lights do not come and go.Meaning, you do not have to change the bulbs all the time because of flimsiness. In fact, LED bulbs have a life expectancy of operational work up to 100, 000 hours or eleven years of non-stop operation. This translates to 22 years of longevity when under 50 percent service.

LED bulbs are likely to cease operating after 20 years of nonstop 8-hour per day operation. It can be surmised that LED bulbs are, indeed, sustainable and practical as well as eco-friendly.

Lesser Infrared Lights and UV Emissions

LED lights are known to produce lesser infrared lights compared to other ordinary lamps. Because of this, LED lights are ideal for home light fixtures as well as on items that are sensitive to heat emission.

LED lights are used in art galleries and museums. This is because it does not emit too much UV rays which are harmful to ancient and archeological items.

Fewer Lights Needed, Less Energy Consumed

Fewer Lights Needed, Less Energy Consumed

LED lights have a good quality of light distribution and enough brightness. This means you do not need to have other lights in the room. It is because the LED light is sufficient to give the right amount of brightness in the chamber or a particular area.

Unlike the ordinary lights wherein it emits light in all directions, LED lights to focus in one direction. This results in proper concentration and proper aiming to the areas where light is needed. In hindsight, fewer lights mean lesser energy consumption. This is, indeed, beneficial to the environment and the consumer as well.


Unlike other ordinary lights that quickly get damaged due to voltage alterations, LED lights can easily take off from these alterations. LED lights are shock-resistant and durable enough to deal with high fluctuations or low voltage supply. Such electrical disturbances do not adversely affect the operability and longevity of LED lights.

Ideal for any Weather Conditions

Regardless if it is under the scourging heat of the sun or the extreme coldness of winter, LED lights are always operational and reliable. It is a little bit challenging to have fluorescent lights under low temperature because it also produces dark shades of light.

LED lights, however, remain in good quality under any weather condition. This means that LED eco-friendly lights can be used for outdoor lighting system at both low and cold outdoor temperature.

Understanding its Advantages

Kitchen Lights

These eco-friendly lighting system, such as these LED fixtures, are best for both home and commercial uses. Everybody is encouraged to start using these eco-friendly lights because this is not just about social responsibility but also for the common interest.

Although LED lighting is more expensive compared to other ordinary lights, the advantages and benefits are longer and safer for everybody. You can check online or the nearest hardware about the eco-friendly lighting system that best suits your home or office.