3 Hanging Light Fixtures for Your Home March 3, 2017 – Posted in: Home Lighting

Beautifying homes is a common aspiration for most home owners. Of course, you would like it to look so appealing and enticing to the people who get to visit your house.  There are actually many ways to beautify your home. You can paint it with really lively colors with a mix-and-match style. This contributes to the outer aesthetic factor of your home. Another way of making it stunning is through the use of lighting fixtures. The good thing about them is that they can work on both outdoor and indoor aspects of your home.

If you want to learn about the different lighting fixtures that you can apply in your home, then this is the article for you. You’ll find the recommendations from Modern.Place really helpful and engaging.

Modern Wood LED Ceiling Light

Stunning Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

If you are looking for something to put accents around your place, the Wood Pendant Light will do it for you. This lighting fixture will add color to any room. You can choose the intensity of light it emits. If you prefer to make it dimmer, then there’s no problem. This pendant light can also create a classy ambience due to its glamorous look.

The pendant lights come in different colors such as yellow, grey, black, and white. You can either have them in uniform colors or you can mix them up alternately in whatever pattern you would like to do. This will create a stunning effect in a particular room that can be seen even outside of the house.

This can also be used to give accent to your wooden furniture like tables and cabinets. They will surely go together. This lighting fixture is a must-have for houses inspired by ancient design, especially when wood elements surround it.

The light’s direction is going down so this is perfect for creating accents. If you want to give focus or emphasis to a particular room or object, then you will surely benefit from it. This lighting is a great way to make everyone look and stop just to see the splendor of your house.

Modern Slate Wall Light

Stunning Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

You will find this lighting fixture very convenient because it has a variety of uses. You can use it in your living room, bedroom, and even in your hallway. The Modern Slate Wall Light  can turn your home into a haven at night. If you place it in your hallway, it will be impossible for people not to look. It can also give accent to the elegant style of your house.

Another thing that you will like is how easy the light is on the eyes. It gives a warm glow that can be uplift your mood. To create a majestic effect, you can place it around your house, especially in your garden area.  That will give a glowing effect that is irresistible.

Another use of this lighting fixture is as a hallway light. At night, it will give a nice glow while giving illumination to the entire hallway. You don’t need to open more light because its warm light will be enough.

Hanging Crystal Ball Chandelier Light

Stunning Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

This is probably one of the most glamorous and elegant designs that you can add to your home design. You can either place it in the living room or in your terrace. The Crystal Ball Light will instantly turn a dull room into a lively one. The crystal balls vary in sizes. You can mix them up to create an effect and everyone will enjoy just gazing at it.

This lighting fixture will look magnificent when viewed from the outside because the lights look like the hanging moon in the sky. You can entirely experience its effect when you turn all the lights off. The biggest Crystal ball can be placed in the middle to serve as the main source of light. You can even choose from white or yellow light. You can also use them sparingly based on your preference and need.


Making your home look stunningly beautiful needs lots of effort. In order to make it really effective, you can use different lighting fixtures to add to its beauty and magnificence. These lights have the power to change the mood and ambience of the place.  You will notice that it looks entirely different without these lights. The good thing about this is that you can play with it until you come up with the best design that will fit your taste.

The website Modern. Place offers modern lighting fixtures that will surely make every house lively and stunning. These contemporary lights are given in different shapes and sizes that you can mix together. If you would like your home to be outstanding, then you should consider installing the above-mentioned lighting fixtures.