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Parking Garage LED Lighting

Keep your customers safe, while saving on energy costs in the process.

Parking Lighting
Bright and efficient LED fixtures that save you money.

Bright lighting is essential to providing a great user-experience and a sense of safety in any parking garage. Our high lumen, uniform illumination of LED lights eliminates dark areas and improves visibility, helping your customers feel more secure and drivers feel at ease when driving through you garage. Smart controls for lighting and easy to fix lights ensure the highest efficiency and decreased maintenance costs. Our mission is to provide you with the best, safest parking garage lighting while ensuring our price makes sense for you.


Canopy LED Lighting


Save Money

Our customers have seen up to 80% in savings using smart controls in their garages.


On average LED fixtures last 150-200% longer, saving you money on replacements and lowering maintenance costs.


Easily control lights from a central system and schedule lights based on garage use.

Protect Customers

Criminals are less likely to strike in brightly lit areas, protect your customers with excellent illumination.


Our fixtures evenly light areas eliminating dark spots, increasing both driver and pedestrian safety.


Better customer experience, both outside and inside keeps people coming back.

Long-Term Benefits

Less energy use makes it easier to go solar in the future, going green one step at a time.


Future state and government lighting requirements can catch you off guard, complying early ensures you’re building is up to date.


Easy to recycle design, makes disposing easy. 

"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
Bought by Erin from Virginia Beach Virginia, United States (US)
Total order for $189.99
Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Katya from Cresskill New Jersey, United States (US)
Total order for $324.00
Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Lori from windermere Florida, United States (US)
Total order for $318.44
"Halo" Modern Round Ceiling Light
"Halo" Modern Round Ceiling Light
Bought by Nicholas from Des Moines Iowa, United States (US)
Total order for $224.00
"Wave" Pendant Light Fixture
"Wave" Pendant Light Fixture
Bought by Jeff from Penn Valley California, United States (US)
Total order for $194.99