New Lighting Options Coming To Modern Place January 3, 2017 – Posted in: Product Feature

As the technology keeps on changing the lighting technology has also greatly evolved. Currently, there exist various types and kinds of lamps or lights in both local and international markets which come in various in shapes, size, function, design concept and so on. With the advent of LED’s ability to provide superior quality illumination than other traditional light sources such as fluorescent and halogen lamps, we offer various kinds of led lighting products such as modern office led lighting, high quality LED strip and Industrial led lighting.

Modern Office LED Lighting


Our modern office LED lighting products create a pleasant and functional working environment. Our office lighting products include a combination of artificial light, natural daylight, and light management systems to create optimal lighting in the office area that can be specially adapted to a light control system to optimize energy efficiency. Our lighting systems go beyond creating the perfect working environment conditions but also but also consider energy efficiency and friendliness thus saving your business from huge bills and at the same time making you green compliant. The result is that you have efficient and effective illumination coupled with minimal costs.


High quality LED strip

downloadOur High quality LED Strip lighting comes in a broad category that includes various types of LED strip lights. The major advantage of LED strips is that they are flexible and have a flat, low shape that enables you to make cuts where needed and install them anywhere at any cut point thus making it a more adaptable lighting tool. Because of their brightness and customizability, our LED strip lights can be used for multiple applications such as under cabinets, a large conference room, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting among other areas. Moreover, they can be controlled through DMX controllers, wireless dimming systems, and wall switches. Some of our LED flex strips are also suited for special locations such as wet areas because they are waterproof. Finally, our LED Strip Lights have UL certification.


Industrial LED Lighting

We pride ourselves in high-quality and energy-efficient Industrial LED lighting products that can provide bright lighting for up to 50,000 hours. Our products are ideal for a variety of industrial applications, such as enclosure lighting, machine lighting, work cell lighting and visual inspection illumination. Our products include High Bay LED lighting, LED Flood lights, LED tube replacements, Industrial LED Retrofits, LED Canopy Lights, LED Troffer Lights and Panel Lights, LED Wall Packs Lighting among others.