Perfect Lighting Fixture Designs for Contemporary and Modern Homes January 20, 2017 – Posted in: Home Lighting, Product Feature

Nowadays, homes are designed with a modern touch.  People are opting for contemporary designs of homes to catch up with the trend.  This is why installing the perfect lighting fixture is needed to create the perfect homes.

There are different lighting fixture designs available in the market that is perfect for creating modern layouts of homes.  You can choose from a variety of styles available that will surely complement the customized look you are looking for.

One of the best providers of contemporary lights is Modern. Place.  They offer state-of-the art lights that are surely loved by their customers.  You can choose lighting fixtures depending on the design of your house.  This is one of the reasons why you should come and visit their site for more unique lighting fixture ideas.

Layers of Lighting Fixture

Perfect Lighting Fixture Designs for Contemporary and Modern Homes

You should know that there are three layers of lights that you can make use of.  These are ambient, accent, and task.  The main goal is to properly light and illuminate the room.  Modernistic houses can be improved through proper layering.  It will surely increase the quality of light in your home.

The ambient lighting is recommended for each room of the house.  It feels comfortable because it gives the right level ofradiance.  Ambient light sources are considered as overhead lighting.  You should consider this type of light.

For performing tasks, it is recommended to make use of task lighting.  This kind will surely provide intense light for your detailed work like office tasks.  This is perfect when you are living a busy business life, wherein you always need to sit and work on your table at home.

You can also make use of this type of light for dressing rooms and kitchen because of the superior lighting effect.  The Modern Linear Led Wall Light is recommended for this purpose because it will surely give off ample lighting for your needs. You will surely benefit from its bright illumination.

Last but not the least is accent lighting.  This will help you in highlighting the design and style of your modern home.  This is best when you want to enhance the design of your living room.  For example, your living room has a baroque design.  Providing an accent lighting will surely make every eyes look on it.  The reason is that this light will surely enhance the overall layout.

Providing the Light for Your Modern Home


The first consideration that you should have is, are the activities that you usually do in a particular room in your house.  For example, your home office will surely require task lighting because you will need intense illumination for your office needs.  The accent lighting on the other hand will be best to highlight the wall paintings and decors in your living room.  As for the ambient lighting, you can make use of this light if you would like to create an inviting feel in your dining area.


Perfect Lighting Fixture Designs for Contemporary and Modern Homes

The first impression in your home is created by the foyer.  Probably, the best lighting fixture to apply here is ambient lighting.  It will surely complement the ambience within the room.  If you would like to add more style, then you can enhance the accent by installing emphasizing lighting fixtures.  Flush-mount lights are the best option in this sense.

Your living room is the best place to sit back and relax.  In fact, there are a lot of activities that happen in this room.  There are areas in the living rooms that cannot be reached by light. That is why it is recommended to install ambient and accent lamp fittings.

For the kitchen, cooking activities occur all the time.  Multiple layers of lights are advisable to keep it as bright as possible.  If you like, you can put several rows of pendant lights like the Modern Wood Ceiling Pendant light  in your kitchen area to make it really appropriate for cooking and preparing meals for the family.


Choosing the best lighting fixture designs for modern homes is easy if you know the basic lighting sources for each room in your home.  You can work on these designs to enhance the rooms and to give accent to the overall layout of your home.  When all these basic elements are integrated, you will surely end up having the perfect light fitting design.