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LED Downlight Lighting

LED Downlights

LED Downlight Lighting Features

  • >80 & >90 CRI Available
  • 110-130 Lumens Per Watt
  • Fully UL Listed
  • Energy Star Listed
  • IC & Non-IC Rated Models
  • Various Color Temperatures 
  • 0-10V Dimming
  • Battery Backup Options
  • 5 Year REPLACEMENT Warranty
  • Variety Of Styles: Slim, Architectural, Retrofit
  • 10-20 Day Lead Time On Wholesale Orders
  • Die Cast Aluminum

Tons Of Applications

From hotels to homes, downlights have become a staple lighting all around the world. 

LED Downlights
LED Downlights

High Brightness & Energy Efficiency

With Energy Star listing, you get highly efficient lights with premium quality. We’ll replace lights for up to 5 years!

Easy Installation

With so such versatile design, we make it easy install and implement our linear lights into any room.

LED Downlights
LED Downlights

Ultra Slim Design

Our ultra slim design with exterior fire retardant junction box makes it easy to fit into tight spaces.

Different Finishes, Styles, and Sizes

We have too many downlight options to list here – from architectural downlights to slim lights for homes. One thing we know is that we can find any type of light that’s a perfect fit for your project.

LED Downlights
LED Downlights
LED Downlights
LED Downlights

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We’ll help you make the right decision to light up any office or commercial space with expert advice from our engineers.

When putting in lights into space, it is worth considering exactly what lighting will best suit your needs. A very popular selection of lighting for the contemporary house is the LED downlight. It is a typical option for homeowners to install LED downlights in their kitchen areas, restrooms or even bedrooms, to provide the room with an extremely sophisticated and modern-day feel that other lights just don’t provide.

A LED downlight is fitted into a slim opening within the ceiling above the room. The way the light is installed means that it is mainly hidden to the naked eye, giving the appearance of light beaming from a hole in the ceiling. Utilising a LED downlight to space provides an option of choice to the property owner with a range readily available, such as coloured LED bulbs to produce different lighting effects within the property from what you would usually see. The led down light will focus its light downwards into the apartment and has the capability to shine as generally as a floodlight or as narrowly as a spotlight, the selection is yours.

The LED downlight you acquire will be made up of 2 primary elements, apart from the bulb of course. These are known as the trim and the housing. The trim is the visible part of the light. There are a wide variety of trim styles readily available for lots of different spaces and decors, from chrome to colour and from metal to plastic, and so on. The housing of the downlight is the fixture to hold the light in place in the ceiling. Commonly the housing will not be at all visible, but really in the ceiling, and will hold the real bulb itself.

A LED downlight is not only an attractive light source for your kitchen area, bedroom or washroom but it is additionally an effective and reliable source of light that tends to operate at very low heat levels. This not only makes it an attractive light but it also makes it an ideal item to ensure that your lighting component will not be a fire hazard while left on for an extensive period in the house.

Little environmental consequence: LED downlights use up nominal amounts of power despite their brightness; such kind of light fixture uses around eighty % less energy in comparison with incandescent as well as halogen lighting. And as determined environmentalists would describe, lowered power consumption immediately results in a reduced carbon footprint. On top of that, LED lamps do not comprise any mercury or any other incredibly toxic chemicals. This makes them not just a safe option for both you and your family, but a decorative home fixture with a surprisingly low influence on the planet too.

LED downlights are available in many selections, so it is recommended that you contact a sales assistant about your particular requirements before you buy the stated lights. Such things to look at will be exactly what colour schemes fit your room, exactly how durable you wish the light to be, and if you favour it to turn on the room in the style of a spotlight of a floodlight. Downlights are additionally frequently effortless to install nevertheless must you have any questions or issues with instalment it is advised you talk either to a light fitting expert or a customer service representative and they will certainly be more than willing to answer your questions. When looking for LED downlights, there is a large variety readily available at fantastic prices just with browsing the internet.

"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
"Edge" Vanity Wall Light + 3 Items
Bought by John from Mesa Arizona, United States (US)
Total order for $639.96
Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Hai from Fort Worth Texas, United States (US)
Total order for $318.44
"Path" Acrylic Vanity Wall Light
"Path" Acrylic Vanity Wall Light + 2 Items
Bought by Dino from Stafford Virginia, United States (US)
Total order for $618.98
"Matrix" Large 5-Tier Modern Pendant Light
"Matrix" Large 5-Tier Modern Pendant Light
Bought by Frank from Bothell Washington, United States (US)
Total order for $1,045.00
Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Kevin from Plantation Florida, United States (US)
Total order for $286.59