How To Apply LED Lighting To Different Parts Of Your Home December 3, 2016 – Posted in: Home Lighting, Tutorials

LED lights can only be described as the best advancement in the lighting industry in quite a while. These lights have started to gain prominence in the past decade as we strive for more efficient, brighter lights. You can get them anywhere, especially wholesale sellers.

With that being said, it is great to know a couple of things that you can use LED lights for.

So we have come up with a list of what you can do with LED lights. Whether it is for Christmas, New Years, your birthday etc. there is something for everyone on this list.


1. Create a LED sunshine in a bottle.


For those who do not understand what we mean by a LED the sunshine in a bottle, we can explain.

One of the main qualities of LED lights is that they can store energy. These LED sunlight bottles are sold in South Africa where there is plenty of the sunshine every day. The glass jar is left out during the day to collect sunlight, but then at night the LED light lights up.


What this does is that you get to light up your home cheaply, assuming that you are near enough sunlight to do this.


2. LED sky.

This is an idea that has gained prominence from some who want to decorate their room. What you do with this is install LED lights on top of the ceiling of the room. What this does is simple – it creates a LED display that mimics the real sky.

We don’t know how many LED lights that you will need, but it looks likely that it will cost you a fortune to do something like the LED sky – unless you get the LED lights wholesale.

That way, you can cheaply lighten up your very own sky.


3. LED wall.


Not the wall that Donald Trump is going to build, but one that has a whole lot of LED lights lining up the whole wall of whichever wall you want to be lit up in your house.

The great thing about this is that you can get LED lights that can change into different colors. That means that you can create a show with your LED wall changing color all the time to set the mood in the room. Apparently, there are LED devices that change color with the temperature, so your LED wall becomes your own thermometer in many ways.


4. Put LED lights under the furniture.


This is an idea which came from the underbody of some cars. When you see the car at night, you always have LED lights lighting up the skirt of the car. The exact same thing can happen here with your home furniture.

All you have to do is place the LED lights under the skirt of the furniture and turn the LED lights on. This lighting decoration looks stylish and modern under the most modern of furniture and best of all, you give your furniture a brand new look.


5. LED Strip.


This is a great idea for creating LED decorations in your home. Find some tape, add a row of LED lights along the duct tape and then roll the duct tape LED lights back.

These can also come premade for you from wholesalers who are prepared to give you what you want – and that is a LED strip which glows along the straight duct tape. This is a brilliant decoration which does not a whole lot of money and is extremely versatile. That means that you can have your very own set of LED strips for a long period of time.

Overall Verdict.

You can get all of these lights, wholesale from any wholesaler. Why this works is because wholesalers can offer cheap prices and they have far more LED lights in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

We encourage you to go out of your way to find wackier ideas to lighten up your home using LED lights. There are many ideas out there that are just waiting to be used by the right person to make their home look nicer.

In conclusion, then, LED lights are a great source that can be used in a different way compared to other countries.