How Can I Decorate My House Creatively? Cheap Options Too! July 22, 2016 – Posted in: Tutorials

There is several things we find boost any homes look and feel – many being very obvious and cheap while others are a bit more complex and expensive. I personally enjoy a very clean and minimal look as if I have OCD and my design style as seen by this site is very white and black. So take my advice with some grain of salt.



First off, before rearranging every piece of furniture, getting rid of your dogs bed  and turning your garage into a new room, try to make your home more efficient.  U-Shaped seating patterns bring focus to center pieces (typically TV’s) in the living room while kitchens should be more open for a better work space. Along with that, dinning rooms should mostly likely have the most light peering in while bedrooms stay secluded.

A good rule of thumb is one hanging mirror per room. It doesn’t have to be huge and it doesn’t have to face when your sitting down, but it ads light to the room and prevents your from walking around with left over salsa on your lip.

As for our specialty, try to layer your lighting! Recessed lights go great with you LED pendant and bottom cabinet LED strips could provide you a full 3 layers and even spread of lumens across your room or kitchen.