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Product Guarantee


Every ModernPlace item comes with a 3 year warranty.


All of our LED drivers are UL/ETL certified to ensure they are safe for home and commercial use.


Our premium LED’s will last 6 years of 24/7 use! At 6 hours a day, that’s 23 years without replacing any LED’s.

Standard 3 year warranty is applied on all non-commercial fixtures, 5 year warranty applies to commercial fixtures such as warehouse lights, led panels, commercial purchases of standard fixtures, etc. Extended warranty can be purchased for standard fixtures for an extra charge and will automatically register you for yearly emails to see how the product is doing. Most LED drivers are designed to last 10-15 years, feel free to call us in the case of driver failure.

*Warranty must be registered within 30 days of receiving the item. Warranty only valid in the United States.

"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
Bought by David from ANN ARBOR Michigan, United States (US)
Total order for $228.99
Multi Square LED Ceiling Lamp
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by Scott from San Francisco California, United States (US)
Total order for $275.00
"Wave" Pendant Light Fixture
"Wave" Pendant Light Fixture + 1 Item
Bought by Adam from Cuba City Wisconsin, United States (US)
Total order for $519.98
"Hydra" Three-Wave Pendant Light
"Hydra" Three-Wave Pendant Light
Bought by Daniel from Erie Colorado, United States (US)
Total order for $199.99
"Edge" Vanity Wall Light
"Edge" Vanity Wall Light + 9 Items
Bought by Andrew from Columbus Ohio, United States (US)
Total order for $1,493.51