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Latest Trends in Contemporary Lighting Fixtures for 2017Continue reading...

Latest Trends in Contemporary Lighting Fixtures for 2017

There are different lighting fixtures that you can see around and new lighting fixtures emerge in the market every year. These innovations are based on the technological advances and demands of the society. With all these, you might be wondering about the style or design that will work best for your home. There are actually a lot of options that you can choose from and the key is to select the one that best fits…

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Best Lighting Styles for Corporate Offices and BuildingsContinue reading...

Best Lighting Styles for Corporate Offices and Buildings

Nowadays, corporate offices and buildings are continuously improving their structures with the use of lighting fixtures. These lighting elements can really bring about changes to an office or building and greatly affect its look. If the lighting is dull, the office or building will also have a dull and lifeless ambience. If there are bright lights installed in the entire area, it looks more inviting and welcoming. Of course, you would like to attract more…

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Perfect Lighting Fixture Designs for Contemporary and Modern HomesContinue reading...

Perfect Lighting Fixture Designs for Contemporary and Modern Homes

Nowadays, homes are designed with a modern touch.  People are opting for contemporary designs of homes to catch up with the trend.  This is why installing the perfect lighting fixture is needed to create the perfect homes. There are different lighting fixture designs available in the market that is perfect for creating modern layouts of homes.  You can choose from a variety of styles available that will surely complement the customized look you are looking…

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"Quadrate" Modern Pendant LightContinue reading...

New Emerging Trends In Modern Lighting 2017

As building technologies advance, so are technologies in interior design. In interior design, lighting is the core aspect, and has been put at the center stage. The way you design your interior space has a lot to do with lighting. However, the need to save energy across the world has been made easier by LED lighting, which has been seen to light up homes. This has led to a decrease in the cost of LED…

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5 Lighting Trends to Watch for This Coming New Year 2017Continue reading...

5 Lighting Trends to Watch for This Coming New Year 2017

Another year is coming.  This means that people are going to look for new modern ways to improve their homes.  One of the things that should go with the change is the lighting fixtures.  Modern lighting designs are currently in trend in the market.  There are designs meant to be the highlight of 2017 and are created with the latest innovations in the mind. Modern.Place delivers highly technological LED lighting fixtures that are highly anticipated…

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8 Amazing Modern Minimal RoomsContinue reading...

8 Amazing Modern Minimal Rooms

Although for 99% of people, this level of minimalism is extreme it sure does look great as a concept. With a few more storage compartments and less knee’s busted on those edges, it would make an awesome interior designed atmosphere. 2. The clean wood edges give this room an incredible pop with contrast from the red wood finishes so the room doesn’t just blend with each other but you can actually see features instead of…

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Top Lighting Fixture Designs for the New Year 2017Continue reading...

Best Lights For Kitchen Islands

With the enormous amount of designs and looks to choose from, choosing the right light for your kitchen island can be extremely stressful. From vintage to modern lighting, there is millions of fixtures to compare between. Here is some great modern designs from our catalog that will make your decision making process much easier. 1. Modern Wave LED Pendant This is probably our best selling consumer/home light bringing light into thousands of homes in North…Continue reading
A Look At The Top 12 Kitchen Island Lights To Illuminate Your KitchenContinue reading...

A Look At The Top 12 Kitchen Island Lights To Illuminate Your Kitchen

The easiest and most economical way to update your kitchen is with new lighting and one of the most popular kitchen lights is an island light. Kitchen island lighting are available in different variations and colors. Lighting is one of the essential features which should be paid attention to. Kitchen is the place where you cook and do other activities as well. With a dim kitchen, it adds a gloomy effect which can affect the…

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Modern Home Lighting Design IdeasContinue reading...

Modern Home Lighting Design Ideas

Each outdoor area can have its style. Some houses have large gardens, and then there is apartment living and office space that may have a small courtyard. You will also need to consider where you live, the climate and space. With so many different modern lighting options, plants, outdoor furniture, and choices, it can be hard to know where to start. Perhaps a good place to start is to break it down into sections and think…

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"Wave" Pendant Light FixtureContinue reading...

Modern Wave Pendant Featured Product

If you’ve ever thought about investing in a kitchen or restaurant centerpiece, the Modern.Place Wave Light would be the best $200 you could spend. It’s low profile yet impressive design makes any room stand out and shine. Here we go over some key features of our Modern Wave LED Pendant. As stated above, the light only runs 40 watts but puts out a whopping 110 Lumens per watt with the Epistar LED’s inside. This puts…

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"Bar" LED Pendant Light Fixture
"Bar" LED Pendant Light Fixture + 9 Items
Bought by Elizabeth from New York New York, United States (US)
Total order for $1,699.90
"Quadrate" Modern Pendant Light
"Quadrate" Modern Pendant Light + 2 Items
Bought by Barrett from Austin Texas, United States (US)
Total order for $569.97
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
"Blocks" Ultra-Modern Light Fixture
Bought by David from Eagle Pass Texas, United States (US)
Total order for $313.00
"Sidereal" Modern LED Pendant
"Sidereal" Modern LED Pendant + 1 Item
Bought by Melissa from Encino California, United States (US)
Total order for $654.98
"Seamless" 4FT Linear Office LED Pendant Light
"Seamless" 4FT Linear Office LED Pendant Light + 15 Items
Bought by James from Atlanta Georgia, United States (US)
Total order for $2,548.24


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