Best Modern Hanging Lights for Living Room May 9, 2017 – Posted in: Lighting Information

One of the main attractions of a house is the lighting system of the living room. It is the central area where guests are being accommodated and family activities are being held. Hence, the living room has always been one of the priorities when it comes to home interior design. To beautify the living room, hanging beautiful lighting system should be present all the time.

In this modern time, different hanging lights were produced vis-à-vis to the demand of the market. There conservative, modern hanging lights while there are also eclectic, uncanny designs for modern home interior set-up. Here are some of the best examples of modern hanging lights for the living room:

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers

Your living room will never run out of style when it is being complemented with modern crystal chandeliers. If your living room is spacious and has a high ceiling, then you can opt for enormous and layered crystal chandeliers. This kind of chandelier provides a translucent brightness for your living room.

This type is appropriate for an area that is usually utilized for family gatherings. Crystal chandeliers provide an elegant, grand and luxurious feel to your living room. Also, most female house owners are going for this kind of chandelier because, for them, it is chic and stylish.

Sputnik Hanging Lights

The sputnik chandelier is the best epitome of a modern industrialized hanging light. To those who are not familiar with this, Sputnik chandeliers are those hanging lights that have many so-called straight small/long branches. Inside these branches are light bulbs. What makes this ideal for the living room is its edgy and modern cool design.

Aside from its fabulous modern look, Sputnik hanging lights also produce starburst silhouette and great lighting for the entire living room. This also looks great in libraries and the dining area. Some houses have small sputnik-designed hanging lights in their bathrooms.

Sputnik Hanging Lights

Glass Pendant Hanging Lights

Other modern hanging lights nowadays are the glass pendant type. There are modern houses that utilize this kind of chandelier not just for living room areas but also in other spaces such as gardens and kitchen. In fact, some restaurants are using glass pendant hanging lights for a modern look. Glass pendant lights are those that look like an upside down bottle that is cut in half and have light bulbs inside for illumination.

For living rooms, wide and transparent crystal clear glasses are being used as pendant lights. In this way, it can illuminate more light to the chamber. One of the challenges, however, about this hanging light is that it can produce a cozy and dimmer ambiance because of the thickness of the glass.

Track and Monorail Hanging Lights

When talking about modern hanging lights, the track and monorail are always at the forefront under this category. This is practical for modern use because of its user-friendliness as well as modern design. It is made of series of light bulbs that act as spotlights. The lights are housed in a monorail where you can focus them on any angle anytime you want.

The monorails provide incredible flexibility since you can bend the rails and adjust the spotlights to any area. If you want to highlight a particular artwork in your living room, then you can just bend one or more spotlights towards this field. You can also focus the lights to walls for more dramatic and brighter effects.

Track and Monorail Hanging Lights

LED Hanging Lights

Whatever the design is or the materials used, LED bulbs are now the most preferred lighting bulb for modern living rooms. Aside from the fact that LED lights are eco-friendly and practical, LED technology is known for its versatility.

Compared to fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, LED lights are more flexible. This means that LED lights are dimmable and has various color temperature – features that are ideal for hanging lights. Plus, LED lights offer more longevity and energy efficiency.

Spiral chandeliers

Spiral chandeliers are also ideal for modern living rooms. Whether it is made with crystals or purely metals, the spiral hanging lights are best in staircases. If you have high-rise ceiling in your living room or stairways, the spiral chandelier is an ideal lighting system.