Best Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design for Museums April 14, 2017 – Posted in: Lighting Information

Lighting fixtures for museums and art galleries should highlight the environment and all the displays in it. It should be able to achieve balance in its visibility, presentation, and interest of the visitors.

Accentuating the texture in a museum is one of the keys to achieving elegance and balance. It applies whether the museums display artifacts, paintings, or other work of art. You should know the importance of light and dark by now when it comes to bringing the museum into life.

Modern Place is an online store where you can find the latest innovations of LED lighting fixtures. They offer different designs with unique specifications for each.
Best Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design for Museums

Pendant Light for Highlight

If you want to make the artifact as the center of attention in the museum, you should use a medium that will highlight it. The wooden pendant light from Modern.Place is one of the best options that you can find.

This will inevitably draw out the natural beauty of the artifacts. Aside from that, it will be brought back to life in the eyes of the onlookers. The directed light of the pendant light makes it possible for the contrast to be entirely noticed.

The point’s source high and low intensity as well as the texture and shape of the art piece are enlivened. You can also add dramatic effects by mixing up white and yellow light. Your goal here is to bring out the natural resonance of the piece using lighting effects.

This effect can also give an appearance where the artwork or artifacts glows inside. The lighting makes the glowing more natural rather than authentic. It is one of the best effects of pendant lights.
Best Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design for Museums

Chandelier Light for Dramatic Effect

Most museums rely on the lighting fixtures’ ability to conjure a stark uplifting feeling. This effect is most common if a special section or art gallery is being emphasized. If you are on the same page, then a unique chandelier is what you need.

Chandeliers are useful in scattering the light, thus making the object in focus to shine brightly. The Sidereal 3 rings chandelier is a perfect example for this reason. It will effectively put a bright glow to any room.
The three bulb inclusion can also be changed based on the mood of the atmosphere. For example, if you are presenting a space museum, it is recommended to set it to a dark light tone. If you opt to give focus and emphasis on the object, setting it to its brightest light is the best option.
Best Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design for Museums

Suspension Lights for Hallway

The museum is such a huge place. It is important for the surrounding as bright as possible. Not only the artifacts and art pieces should be focused. The hallways should also be illuminated to attract more visitors.

Suspension lights can be placed in rows to cover the entire hall. Aside from that purpose, it also boosts the mood and beauty of the surroundings. The Raimond Suspension Light from Modern Place creates a magical look.

The high round still looks perfect for the museum’s ambience. The outer areas of the museum deserve the cool effect of these suspensions’ light. People will surely find it very amusing to walk along the hallway as they go from one section to the other.
Best Contemporary Lighting Fixture Design for Museums

LED Strips for the Floor

If you want to increase the visibility in the museum, floor LED strips will do the magic. You can place it all over the area, especially in the hallway. It will create a fancy feeling to the visitors. It is also advisable if you will install it in a place where people usually walk.


Museums are places where discoveries are made through the visual presentations. It is necessary to keep the surroundings bright as possible. Through different contemporary lighting fixtures, you can achieve the proper balance of all lighting effects.

Pendant lights can be utilized in highlighting an object while chandelier lights can brighten up the surrounding lights. Floor light strips illuminate the walking path of the visitors.

When these three light sources are combined effectively, they can create an impressive effect that will make the museum engaging and enticing. The key here is a balance for maximum effect. With all of these latest lighting innovations, museums will surely attract more visitors day by day.