5 Lighting Trends to Watch for This Coming New Year 2017 December 4, 2016 – Posted in: Product Feature

Another year is coming.  This means that people are going to look for new modern ways to improve their homes.  One of the things that should go with the change is the lighting fixtures.  Modern lighting designs are currently in trend in the market.  There are designs meant to be the highlight of 2017 and are created with the latest innovations in the mind.

Modern.Place delivers highly technological LED lighting fixtures that are highly anticipated for the coming year.  They offer integrated ideas in turning your home into a beautiful haven.  In fact, these lightings can be manipulated in order to maximize their uses.  Before, people cannot change the illumination; however, lighting fixtures today could be easily adjusted by just pushing a button.

Innovations in the lighting industry have made it one of the fastest growing sectors in the global market.  Continuous improvements are recorded and they are getting more and more modernized.  The good thing about it is that they are made to conserve much energy, aside from the fact that they are environmentally friendly.

Here is the list of the lighting trends you need to watch out for the coming year.  It is time to transform your house to a modern haven that would surely keep up with the upcoming year.

Pendant Lights


Pendant lights are really versatile fixtures for most houses.  You can find many designs of these lights.  You also have the option to put them in clusters to create a stunning effect.  Most people prefer putting them in living rooms.  However, they are also perfect for dining areas.

These types of lighting designs would never run out of style.  Contemporary designs are surely to be a blast this coming year.  If you are not sure what to purchase, you will be safe with pendant lighting designs.  It is also very easy to match with the color of the rooms.  Minimalists would also find this perfect for their homes.  Modern.Place sells one of the most beautiful and innovative pendant lights.

Wall Plates

Wall plates are considered as night lights because of their dim illumination.  These wall plates provide good visibility even though they are dim.  These are best placed in bedrooms.  Some people would still like a little illumination while sleeping, and wall plates are the best choice for this.

Lightings with Geometry

This would surely capture the interest of most buyers.  Geometric lightings are pleasurable to look at.  The aesthetic factors of these lighting fixtures are indeed amazing.  You will be awed by the different shapes of the pendants and chandeliers.  You could choose from variety of designs that would fit your taste and mood.

Some of the common shapes are curves, spirals, and wave shapes.  They are also available to be put in clusters to give it a touch of creativity.  Some people would even hang a couple of them to enhance the style of the house.  It is up to you on how you are going to utilize the design.

Metallic Lighting Fixtures


Metallic designs would surely have a place in latest trends.  They are classic lighting designs.  The reflection of light gives a room a spacious impression.  You would also find it easier to match with different designs of houses.  Aside from this, you could put it anywhere in your house.

The year 2017 would be a year or contemporary designs.  Metallic lighting decors never fail to give a futuristic look. You can make use of several small light drops to create a dramatic effect.  This is perfect for the entrance of your home as well for the dining area.

Lava lamps

They are commonly called Astra lamps.  This light contains a halogen to effectively heat the glass.  It comes in different colors and designs.  These lamps are perfect for side tables in the living room and bedroom.  You would notice that the halogen moves inside, and that would give you an instant serene feeling.  They are actually meant as decorations; however, they really come in handy for house owners who value aesthetics.

The year is about to close, and another year is coming.  It is time to make improvements and upgrades in your home lighting fixtures.  There are many options that you could choose from.  Most of the modern light designs that you can find in the market are the product of innovation and modernity.  Bear in mind these trends if you are planning to decorate your house with modern light fixtures.