4 Common Mistakes When Ordering Lighting Online September 3, 2016 – Posted in: General Info, Lighting Information

1. Bad measurements


Audrey-Hepburn-Measurements (1)

When ordering anything for your home, we highly recommend looking at measurements, sizes, your space ,etc and getting a good handle on how a light fixture would look in your home environment. If your ordering a slim design, make sure your junction box (ceiling hole) is small enough to support it. Many lights are designed for either modern homes or offices. Also try to measure the fixture and put a “dummy object” to gauge the size of the fixture relative to your room size.

2. Dimming Vs Non Dimming

To keep prices affordable for most working class american’s, many Brands (including our Brand) will offer options with both dimming and non-dimming fixtures – putting many options in front of the buyer to choose from. Remember to check small details and pay attention the price differences involved.

3. Comparing Apples To Apples



We see many buyers tend to go for the cheapest possible options (on Ebay, typically from Chinese sellers) which often involves more trouble than the money you’re saving. For example, one of our similar models sells for $169.99 currently vs a Chinese sellers $112. Now the differences in the fixtures:

  • Material between acrylic glass – the Chinese seller used glued tape for the middle of the fixture while ours uses metal components.
  • LED Driver – the $112 unit used a non FCC / US safety certified driver which could cause you a ton of issues in case the fixture catches on fire or safety inspections. Many states and counties require UL certification for electricians to install the fixture (causing you to return it). And if a fire does happen, some insurers could have clauses to refuse payout (if the source is the fixture). Our fixtures all come with Canadian and US UL certified components along with Mean Well LED drivers.
  • Wiring – From our sample orders we’ve also noticed thinner, lower quality wires inside – although not the most critical issue it makes it slightly harder for the electrician to wire.
  • CRI Rating – We determined the samples generally had CRI lower than 85. CRI rating basically determines how close colors appear to their true form. Lower CRI ratings tend to make colors appear different than they truly do. Our LED’s are all rated >85 and many side as high as 95.
  • Overall LED Diode Quality – Without contacting the manufacturer directly, it’s hard to really tell what you will get inside your fixture – and opening the fixture to check is generally not a great idea. But overall, cheapest options with have very cheap LED lights which won’t last 50,000 hours.

4. Warranty

Our lights come with a standard 3 year replacement warranty with extension options available up to 5 total years. With LED fixtures, typically there is very rare cases of warranty use because LED lights last around 50,000 hours or (20+ years with normal use) but in the rare cases that something is faulty, you want to make sure you have enough protection to make you feel good about your purchase.