3 Incredible Bedroom Lighting Hacks That You Can Do Now August 26, 2016 – Posted in: Home Lighting, Tutorials

One of my favorite places to chill, work and also take part in life’s most important ritual (read as sleep or sex) is the bedroom. No matter how you live your life, you probably spend close to 8 or more hours a day in your bedroom. Today, I will be going over some really cool lighting ideas for the place you love most.

1. LED Strip Lighting

LED strips are not made just for kitchen cabinets, they can be used in many places throughout your home. I have mine set up behind the TV and below my bed. Check out the video above for a simple install tutorial for under the bed. Also keep an eye out for ultra cheap strips, you will need to buy additional tape that sticks better to keep those up. Also, always look for UL or ETL certification with any electrical components.

2. Give your room the hotel feel


You know how you always seem to sleep better in a hotel (maybe it’s just me), but maybe it’s the great wall lighting they use. It’s not. Wall lighting really doesn’t get a lot of love around homes, mostly because people have to run wire and tear up some wall to even try it. The room instantly looks better and dimmable wall lights work as night lights as well. Now when I mention all these lights, I’m also not saying implement every single thing on the list – I don’t want you sending me photos of bedroom lighting showrooms.


3. Reading is not dead


Contrary to my personal habits, reading books isn’t dead but it seems like night lights are. I went to an airbnb earlier and really appreciated the reading light they had. Even simple things like seeing my non-backlit keyboard or having enought light to plugin my phone to charge without attempting it 300 times made a huge difference. Now the only place I see them is Hyatt Regency’s in Asia.