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LED Flood Lights

20174187625-450x450 LED Flood Lights

Modern Place Flood Light Features

  • 100 & 120 Lumens Per Watt 
  • Fully UL Listed
  • DLC Standard and Premium Listing
  • 120 Degree Beam Angle
  • High CRI – >80
  • High Power Factor – ≥0.90
  • Variety Of Color Temperature Options
  • 5 Year REPLACEMENT Warranty
  • Fast Lead Times On Large Orders
  • Premium Built Materials
  • 50,000 Hour Rated
  • IP65 – Dust and Waterproof

High Brightness, Low Prices.

Lighting vast spaces outdoors can be a tough task, especially with old metal halide flood lights. Now you no longer have to worry about unefficient and dim outdoor fixtures with our LED Flood lights which range up to 36,000 Lumens at just 300 watts. All of our flood lights are DLC listed for rebates and UL listed for safety standards. 

bridge-led-flood-lights LED Flood Lights
5-year-warranty-led-flood-lights LED Flood Lights
aluminum-housing-led-flood-light LED Flood Lights
IP65-led-flood-lights LED Flood Lights
tempered-glass-led-flood-light-1 LED Flood Lights
efficiency-led-flood-light LED Flood Lights
3-mounts-led-flood-lights LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Light Options

We offer a wide range of options to ensure you have the perfect fixture for your application – various brightness, styles and mounts.

Standard Efficiency (100 Lumens Per Watt)

Base Model


Lumen Output

10L (1000 Lumens)

20L (2000 Lumens)

30L (3000 Lumens)

50L (5000 Lumens)

70L (7000 Lumens)

100L (10000 Lumens)

150L (15000 Lumens)

200L (20000 Lumens)

300L (30000 Lumens)

Beam Angle

120 (120 Degrees)


8 (>80 CRI)


100277 (100-277 AC Voltage)

Premium Efficiency (120 Lumens Per Watt)

Base Model


Lumen Output

12L (1200 Lumens)

24L (2400 Lumens)

36L (3600 Lumens)

60L (6000 Lumens)

84L (8400 Lumens)

120L (12000 Lumens)

180L (18000 Lumens)

240L (24000 Lumens)

360L (36000 Lumens)

Beam Angle

120 (120 Degrees)


8 (>80 CRI)


100277 (100-277 AC Voltage)

EXAMPLE MODEL: MP-LEDFLD-180L-120-8-100277

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We’ll help you make the right decision to light up any office or commercial space with expert advice from our engineers.

Light is an important part of every workplace and every home. Selecting efficient and great bulbs can save you a lot of problems related to providing your workspace and home with high quality lighting. When it comes to properly lighting your home, pay attention to lights inside and outside the house. For this reason most people choose outdoor flood lights. These lights seem to be the most effective and best solution to choose.

LED flood lights are the best outdoor flood lights. This is because they consume minimal energy and they last very long. Hence your monthly electricity bill will be low. Also, it takes a short time for these lights to reach maximum brightness. Moreover, they are environmental friendly and cannot cause harm to your health and environment. However, they are the most expensive but you will get value for money.

What are outdoor LED flood lights?

Flood light technology is actually simple. It is an artificial light directed to give uniform lighting over a wide area. Simply, flood lights are artificial lights with high intensity and broad beams giving more light than regular lamps.

Where are LED floodlights applied?

They are used to light private homes and their yards. They are also used to light big outdoor games, concerts, plays and other events. LED flood lights are both indoor and outdoor.

Outdoor LED lights are more susceptible to damage by rain and wind than indoor LED flood lights. Hence, outdoor LED flood lights are made more durable. Without outdoor flood lights, holding sports events would be impossible since visibility would be impaired. Also, broadcasting of the same events would not be possible.

Flood lights applied outside a private home are for the purpose of security. That is why LED flood lights are sometimes called safety lights. Using the flood lights outside you home will save you the cost of using lamps with many bulbs.

What to consider when buying outdoor LED flood lights

People who are unfamiliar with the flood lights market will be overwhelmed with all the options that they get. Modern LED flood lights have various sizes and have different features like sensors. These sensors are motion and dusk to dawn sensors. Hence, first establish the purpose that your LED flood lights will serve.

These are the factors to consider when buying an LED flood light:

Location: What is the target area that you want to light? The LED flood light has to be positioned such that it does not blind anyone outside the location. Also mount the flood light so in a way that it does not disturb your neighbors. You can achieve this by mounting your LED flood light downwards at angle of 22 degrees. Some LED flood lights can become quite hot and hence should be placed 10 feet above the ground.

Dusk to dawn Lights: Consider this feature if you want to provide safety to your house. These lights turn on when the sun sets and off when the sun rises.

Motion sensors: These LED flood lights turn on when someone approaches the house.

If you are looking for flood lights, then LED is the way to go. Happy lighting!

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